2011 Night w.Coaches

2011 Night Out with Coaches

On Saturday February 12. Coaches took top 10 fund raiser from Swim A Thon for evening out for little fun.

Thank you for all the swimmers and parents for your support.

Looking forward for another event.

H.A.T. Pool Sharks                                                                      Coach Khris with Boys ........and Aly

This is how it's done Coach!   by Aly                                      Liz after clean pins

Hungry??                                                                                     Now, tha's a SKILL!!

Food up to where?                                                                     Steven "Plate #...." Nick No comment ......FULL

Christian and John still going and going.....                          Aly with mouthfull.....

Satisfy kids?                                                                               Excersise after dinner

Chantal "My valentine" Christian's response????                 Coach Khris showing Karate move???