2012 Night w.Coaches

Thank you to all the members for your support for annual Swim A Thon event.

We took 8 swimmers for evening out with Coach Tan and Coach Carole to Santa's Enchanted Forest in Miami and then Japanese Restaurant experience at SUSHIN.

We had one great evening.

Here are some pictures from the evening.

Entrance                                                                                         Are you ready to have fun?  Aly and Chantal

Sebastian trying to make some cash..... Up and Up           Next Up Nick. O and Nick Pacitti (R)

Kylee is up next!                                                                        Sebastian and Nick for wild ride??

Clyton and Kylee hanging on                                                    Aly and Nick Up or Down??

Crazy Mouse ride. FUN??                                                      career change?? Baseball???

walking as a team Looking good!                                            what a beautiful light

Nick getting help from Sebastian?                                            Thanks for great evening

Sebastian " No Coach I am working out" .....