Team Fees

Financial Obligations


Every member of Eagle Aquatics is required to pay an annual registration fee and a monthly fee on our team website at



  • $140 - Includes: USA Swimming Registration Fee, Insurance, Liability, Coaches’ Education, Team Equipment
  • It is due at the time of registration or for existing members at the beginning of each season (September).



    • For the monthly fees auto payment is recommended.
    • Payments go through on the 1st of each month. 
    • All payments are due by the 10th; after that a $10 fee will be added to the account. You will receive an email if your card payment did not go through. 
    • If you wish to cancel or suspend your account you HAVE TO EMAIL Coach Adam at BEFORE the 1st of the month. Please allow 24 hours for confirmation. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours we did not receive your email.
    • No refunds but team credit is available up to the 10th.


Monthly fees

Eaglets - $100

Eagles - $100

Age Group Development - $115

Eagle Development - $115

Age Group Elite - $125

Pre Senior - $135

Senior - $145


    *Family discount is available!




    A. Swim Meet Fees - Every swim meet we attend has its financial obligations. The prices are set by the host teams so it varies.

    • Entry Fee: Individual $2.50-$5/event, Relay $5-$10 divided by 4 (Championship meets are often double)
    • Facility Surcharge: $5-$10
    • Team Surcharge: $10/swimmer (If it requires the coaches to stay at a hotel $20)


    B. Equipment Charges - Team and practice equipment can be purchased at the pool. You can pay cash or check or I can add the charges to your account and will be billed with the monthly fees.