Top Gun Challenge Girls





Hosted by Scots Water Polo Club



Date: Sunday July 8th 2018 at Saint Andrew's School.1pm-7pm

    4 Team, 2 game, random pick style tournament and shooter challenge.


Cost: $50/Player **must be USAWP member-present ID at check-in.

    Cash or check made to “Saint Andrew’s Aquatics” due at sign in.


Space is limited to 40 field players and 8 Goalkeepers. This is a first come first serve opportunity!!! Click here to sign up now and reserve your spot. Walk ups are welcome but not guaranteed to play!!  


Division: 18U/16U Girls

  • Draft style tournament: We will create 4 teams of 10+ players in a random draw to compete in a 2 game tournament to determine a winner. Each player will receive a tournament shirt and a chance to play for the coveted TOP GUN trophy!!


  • Shooter challenge: Each player that has signed up will compete in three shooting/performance events to determine the TOP GUN AWARD!!

    • Shooting Accuracy- Each shooter will be given 15 shots at a “sniper” goal. They will have 2 minutes to shoot all 15 balls which will be corralled for them at 6 meters in center cage. The number of shots made will be recorded and a percentage given to determine accuracy.

    • Shot Speed- Each Shooter will be given three balls to shoot at an open cage and a speed gun will be used to determine ball speed. An avg. speed will be calculated.

    • Game Performance- Each player will have goals, assists, and steals recorded during game play with one point awarded for each.

  • Scoring: Each event will be scored as such:  Points will be awarded for each event. In a ties the points will be split among the tied players. If 2 persons tie points for 1st and 2nd will be split. The next place awarded is third, with no second place. If 3 tie points will be split among the three. The next place awarded will be 4th. Only top 5 will earn points.

Points will be tabulated among the three events and the leading point winner will be awarded the Top Gun Champion. In case of a tie for the TOP GUN Award .  a swim off of a 100yd freestyle will determine the winner.   


Place     Points

1st    6    

2nd    4

3rd    3

4th    2    

5th    1

6th    0

The top speed shooter(s) and top accurate shooter(s) and top performer (s) will then swim off in a timed 100yd free to determine the


Game Schedule:

  • 1230pm:  check in, registration and team assignment. Pre Register here first come first serve limited to (40 players) (8 Goalies)

  • 130pm:  Pool opens for warm up.

  • 2pm:  Team Goose v  Team Maverick

  • 250pm:  Team Iceman v  Team Slider

  • 340pm: Top Gun Challenge- TOP GUN PLAQUE AWARDED

    • Accuracy Challenge- 20 shots at a sniper cage (#/20)

    • Speed Challenge- 3 shots best speed average (avg mph)

  • 500pm:  3rd Place Game-loser game#1 v loser game #2

  • 550pm:  Championship-winner game#1 v winner g#2

7pm: Top Gun Swim-off and Award Presentation !!!


Team Cap#


Coach Tyler


Coach Richard


Coach Ira


Coach Kurt





























Station #1- Speed Gun: each player will get three ball to shoot from 6 meters at an open goal. The average speed of the three will be recorded.

Station #2 and #3- Sniper Cage for Accuracy: Each player will get 15 balls to shoot at a sniper cage. A percentage will be calculated based on number of balls scored.

Station #4- Rest or Idle:

Swim Off: The players with the top speed and top percentage will then swim off in a head to head timed 100yd freestyle to determine our “TOP GUN” winner and be awarded with a plaque