Schedule, Coaches & Guidelines








9 - Saturday

September Splash



19 – Tuesday

At Boca High with West Boca



23 - Saturday

Woodson Invitational at Pine Crest



26 - Tuesday

Saint Edwards’s & Heritage – SENIOR NIGHT








4 - Wednesday

Quad Duals w/Pine Crest, Gulliver & Ransom @Ransom



6 - Friday

Palm Beach County DII Swimming Championships

Lake Lytal


6 - Friday

Palm Beach County Diving Champs



7 - Saturday

Palm Beach County Swimming Championships

Lake Lytal


19 - Thursday

District Championships (to be confirmed)



27 - Friday

Regional Championships at Nova Southeastern University








4 - Saturday

State Championships


All Day


Varsity Team Awards

Boca Raton



Head Coach                 Sid Cassidy                                561-210-2128

Assistant Coaches:     Kurt Predmore              561-436-6314

                                    Ramon Walton                          954-882-8523

                                    Kaitlin Doeck                             561-843-2795

Head Diving Coach:    Paul Breitfeller                                              954-461-7814 




- Varsity description – All athletes should understand that it is an honor to represent Saint Andrew’s School in varsity competition. Along with that Honor comes Responsibility. All athletes will be expected to accept their Responsibilities as outlined below

- Sport Awards and Credit – All varsity athletes who complete the season in good standing will receive a varsity award and sports credit for their contribution to our team’s effort.

- Varsity training is six days per week through the highest meet level that an athlete attains. In addition, attendance at all meets is expected.

- Training Attendance Policy - 100% attendance is expected – Doctor’s appointments, recruiting trips, family vacations should be arranged around the Varsity Swimming & Diving schedule. Athletes who train with an approved USA Swimming or USA Diving club program may receive credit for attending that club practice once prior approval of the Head Coach is confirmed.

- Academic Conflicts - In the event that academic responsibilities conflict with training you should contact Coach Sid by text, phone or e-mail prior to the session in question.

- School Attendance – For all sports at SAS students must be present for a full day of academic classes to be eligible to participate in athletic events.  Students arriving to school late (after 8:00 am) due to illness or an unexcused absence will not be allowed to participate in athletic practices/games on that day. 

- Health Concerns - If you are sick and out of school, you are required to contact Coach Sid and leave a message.  If you sign out due to sickness, either stop by and tell coach yourself, or leave a message. Any injury related situation must be communicated to Mr. Cliff Dees or his representative in the Training Room. Injured athletes must be cleared by Mr. Dees before resuming training. Any communication from your own doctor or medical personnel must be directed towards Mr. Dees.

- Team Meets - All athletes will attend all meets in their entirety.  No early dismissals will be allowed. We expect all athletes to gather in the team area immediately following the meet’s last event for a de-brief of the competition. Athletes are also expected to assist with set-up and break down of meet timing equipment as assigned at home meets. Parents should be especially aware of these post-meet responsibilities.

- Shaving – In the sport of swimming all athletes – male and female – are expected to shave down for their top level of competition. Girls should go a minimum of four weeks without shaving prior to their top level meet and boys must plan to shave for their highest level meets as agreed upon with the Head Coach.

- Consequences for not following any of these responsibilities could result in any of the following: not dressing out for a meet, suspension from the team, or being dismissed from the team (coach’s discretion). 


Page 1 – Keep for Reference


  • SAS Swimming & Diving Daily Habits -
    • Bring a positive attitude to the pool every day
    • Know your teammates by name
    • All students are expected to be ready with equipment on at the end of the lane prepared to jump in the pool promptly at 4:00pm Monday through Friday and 8:00am on Saturday.  Be leaders – Don’t wait for someone else to start getting ready, be first!
    • Greet your teammates & coaches daily!  Use the rest room before practice.  There is not a break planned on most training days.
    • Begin warm-up as a team promptly upon the coach’s command.
    • Always do your best to complete each assignment. If your equipment fails, complete the set without it.
    • No food or gum in the pool area at any time
    • Show respect for all
    • Communication – A must for success


I understand and agree to abide by all of the 2017 SAS Swimming & Diving Rules and Guidelines


Swimmer/Diver Name & Signature                                                           Date


Additional Parent Guidelines and Understandings


  • Parents are aware and support the Responsibilities for a varsity athlete as described above
  • Parents will leave the pool deck prior to the start of practice and return once practice has ended.  This will allow for the coaches to attend to the swimmers and divers without interruptions or distraction, enabling us to build an effective coach/athlete relationship.
  • Parents promise to support their children’s swimming and diving experience by following the schedule provided.
  • Parents will show support to their children with praise for their swimming and diving efforts and accomplishments.
  • Parents will not criticize their children’s swimming or diving. 
  • Parents will let the coaches’ coach.
  • Parents will agree to the same code of sportsmanship and honor that is expected of all Saint Andrew’s School athletes.


I understand and agree to abide by all of the 2014 SAS Swimming & Diving Rules and Guidelines



Parent Name & Signature                                                                   Date

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