Why SwimFast?

Interested in joining SwimFast? 

It's never too late to join!


From beginners and beyond, SwimFast is a full service swimming organization.  If you are looking to get your child started with our program, please contact us to schedule an evaluation. 



1) Contact Coach Erin Rider by email at: or 703-731-1171

2) On the date & time of your evaluation, bring your little one to the pool, equipped with a suit, goggles (if you have them) and a big smile!

3) During the evaluation, our coaches will:

     a)  Assess your child’s skill level by having them have your swim a length or two of the pool     
     b)  Discuss with the parent which group/level the coach recommends for the new swimmer
     c)  Answer any questions you may have about our program and being part of the SwimFast team!


Evaluations are quick, easy and free.  Call us today to get started!