Swim Meet Procedures and Choices

Swim Meet Procedures and Choices


A reasonable and fair question for parents to ask, is: “why is my child swimming the events in swim meets that the coaches select for them”?


Here are the philosophies we use to enter athletes in meet events:

1.) We enter athletes in the greatest VARIETY of events possible, all the time.


2.) Athletes are continually changing and developing. We NEVER give up on any event for any athlete. (Sometimes in college they specialize…we don’t agree with that either, but we have no choice! - the college coaches do).


3.) Every athlete benefits from swimming every event, because you always have something else to “go to” when you get stuck in one or more events. (and in every swimming career, you will sometimes “get stuck.”)


4.) We “swim away from success”. If swimmer “June” has a “great 100 fly” and drops 5 seconds in one swim, we DO NOT enter her again in that event for several weeks…or more…why? Because she will need time to “get better” with either her technique or her speed and endurance. Swimming it again 2 weeks later just isn’t enough time to succeed. Conversely if you have a poor swim in something we often come right back and try to do it correctly!


5.) Young swimmers improve the MOST in the longest events. And everyone (swimmer, Mom and Dad and coach) likes to watch improvement happen! Sprints are HARD to improve in….so we swim lots of longer races. The Mile is the easiest event in swimming to have big drops in. (assuming you are a responsible practice swimmer.)

Always feel free to talk to your child’s coach about their events. This should give you some standard insight into what we do as coaches.