Team Fees

Every swim team has it's own fee structure, our program is divided into Monthly Fees and Annual Fees.

Monthly dues pay for coaching services and for lane space.

Annual Fees covers USA Swimming Registration, team registration, administrative fees, and booster fees.

An Escrow account is to be replenished as your athlete(s) participate in swim meets.

Updated for 2017

Monthly Program Fees must be paid by the 1st of each month.

After the first of the month, a swimmer may not practice, compete in meets, or participate in team events until fee is paid.

All fees are non refundable to Wellington Swimming and the Village of Wellington.

We do not pro-rate monthly or yearly fees.

Monthly obligations are due whether you practice one day or all practice per calendar month.

Updated monthly fees for 2016

Gold                              $95.00
Silver                            $90.00
Bronze                          $85.00
Red                               $80.00 for 3 practices per week. Monday / Wednesday / Friday
Red 2                            $75.00 for 2 practices per week. Tuesday / Thursday

Private Coaching $45.00 per 30 minute session.


All annual fees are due at signup, and must be renewed at the end of the year.

Payable to Wellington Swimming.

USA Registration - $60.00

Every swimmer on the team must be registered with the Wahoos Of Wellington Swim Team through USA Swimming.

This registration allows your swimmer to compete and train with our team.

A registration form is available during sign up, and in the swim team office.

Registration applies from September 2016 to December 2017.

Team Registration - $ 100.00

Administration Fees -$ 25.00

Booster Fee - $ 40.00

The money from this fee is used to purchase team equipment and supplies, fund parties and other activities.

Escrow Account - $40.00

Swim meets usually cost between $16 and $40 per swimmer, and must be paid before the competition. The Escrow account is like a mini bank account with the WOW swim team.  You are required to set up an Escrow Account in the amount of $40.00 for each WOW Swimmer.  Funds are deducted from this account to prepay your swimmer's meet entry fees.  You are expected to replenish your escrow account in a timely manner and to always maintain a $40.00 balance.  To facilitate this process, you will be invoiced following each meet and must pay the amount indicated on your bill within 7 days for your swimmer to remain eligible to participate in meets.

No swimmer may enter a meet nor may meet entries be accepted if monthly pool fees are not up-to-date.