Team Fees

      Group                            Monthly dues                   Registration fee


     Bronze Stars                                 $105                                           $135


      Silver Stars                                   $115                                           $135


      Gold Stars                                    $125                                           $135


    Platinum Stars                                $135                                           $135



  • Annual Registration Fee is billed in September or whenever you join the team.


  • Annual Registration Fee includes USA Swimming membership and a team swim cap.


  • There are no refunds or pro-rating for registration fees and monthly dues.


  • For families with more than one registered swimmer, ASC applies a discount for each additional swimmer. ($5 off for the 2nd swimmer, $10 off for the 3rd swimmer, $15 off for the 4th swimmer, per month)


  • Invoices generate and are sent on the 1st of every month to the account's primary e-mail address.


  • Meets entry fees will be billed to your account



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