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 ATAC Novice & League Orientation

Realizing "Time Management" is not something that is just important for our swimmers but as we all know, for the entire family when trying to fit everything that needs to get done into a neat schedule(?!), which can be difficult during the school year. It sometimes feels like the adage, "fitting 10 lbs. of sugar into the 5 lb. bag" scenario. Consequently, we will try to keep you as up-to-date and informed about what is going on with the team as we can. There is a lot to learn if you are a first time league swimmer or first time year-round swimmer. Communication is an ongoing Goal for both the Parent Boosters and Coaching staff and to this end we just want to remind everyone of some ways that you can learn more about the team and its activities.

Team Communications


We keep our team website updated as frequently as possible with new news and information parents need to know such as the meet schedule, hotel accommodations, etc. This is a site parents and swimmers should visit regularly.


If you need to let the coach know about upcoming conflicts or have a question, you can send an e-mail from any page of the ATAC website by clicking on the Contact Us link in the upper right hand corner.


Frances is the ATAC office manager and she is in the ATAC office from 3:30 to 5:30 PM Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The office phone number is 891-4906 or, contact the office via email by clicking on the Contact Us link and sending an email to "Administrator".


At the beginning of each month we put together a newsletter (the ATAC News Bubble) to explain what's coming up and also what's just happened in the previous month.


We will be supplementing our Team monthly newsletter with this Bulletin for our Novice and League swimmers so we can address some additional information to help newer and younger families get up to speed on what goes on with the team. We know how frustrating it can be to "not know" something is happening.


When you enter the Team Room you will see a square box on the right side of the Coaches office with some trophies on top. It has a sign that reads ATAC TEAM. This box is to turn in all correspondence you would like to forward to the team. It has a slot on top so you can just drop your information into it. Please make sure your information is either in an envelope with an explanation or secured in some other way so it stays together. 


Each swimmer will have a file folder in the Team Room. They are organized by swimming group. The team puts all awards in these folders so it is extremely important for swimmers and parents to check their folder regularly.

Hopefully this helps in knowing some of the communication options you can take advantage of.


Practices are for one hour and it can be difficult to cover the material planned if we don't get started on time. I know the change in school times have complicated some of this, but we have to ask that you please have your swimmers under the scoreboard at the starting time for practice if at all possible.

We also have to ask that you do not arbitrarily switch your swimmer's practice time. This puts all the swimmers at a disadvantage (too many swimmers at a given practice time) as well and disrupts the ability to accomplish the planned workout.

The rule of the pool is that if the guards hear thunder or see lightning, we have to wait 30 minutes before we get back in the water. They are also enforcing the rule that everyone needs to be off the deck (and shelter by the locker rooms). When this occurs we will try to get some dry-land accomplished, but at this time of year it is difficult, due to the Age Group, and Synchronized swim teams needing this space also. Consequently, we'll have to make that call at the time it occurs.

We don't normally "call off" practices ahead of time unless we are sure we will not be getting in (i.e. hurricanes). As in most sports, the only policy that works with swimmers coming from all over town is that practices will be called off at the pool. Keep in mind that Tallahassee weather is usually different all over town so if it's raining on one side of town it may be sunny at the pool. Calling off the practices will be done as the need occurs, but not hours ahead of time. We will also, when possible, let the front office at the pool know when we actually do cancel specific practice (if an early practice is canceled it doesn't mean the later practices would have to be). The number to call to see if the pool is closed is: 89l-3991.

Getting Involved

Most swim teams, ours included, are run by parent volunteers. ATAC runs swim meets, fundraising events, team picnics, and an annual banquet; we travel around Florida, Georgia and Alabama and we send senior swimmers to national meets all over the United States. All this is possible because of our parent volunteers; pretty much everyone you cross paths with in the swimming world is a volunteer. Start small - donate drinks/chips/bagels when requested or volunteer to time at a swim meet. As your swimmer progresses through the team and you become a veteran swim parent you can become a stroke and turn official, run the swim meet computer, or be a board member! Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm in the ATAC team room. Also, there will be a general parent meeting for ALL parents, especially the new swim parents, periodically. Even if you aren't ready to commit to a volunteer position, please make sure you attend the general meeting to meet other parents and learn more about ATAC. 

Practice Equipment

Every swimmer should have a comfortable pair of goggles for swim practice. Every swimmer should also have an extra pair of goggles in their bag because goggles break and you don't want to be left without a pair. Also, all girls should get used to wearing swim caps. You will need to wear them in swim meets and you will want to wear them as you progress through the swim team. Besides, they help keep your hair from breaking, make it easier to breathe, and make you look like a pro! Boys should consider wearing swim caps as well because we would like you to wear them in meets and they will help keep your head warm as the weather starts cooling off. Fins are an excellent teaching and strengthening piece of equipment. We would like to encourage ALL Novice and League swimmers to purchase a pair. The two-tone shoe fins are the ones we recommend. A1l of these items can be found at Total Team Wares or any other competitive swimming website.(Swim Outlet, Metro Swim) 

Swim Meet Attire

We would like to see all ATAC swimmers wearing ATAC apparel. When you are in the water, we want everyone to know what team you swim for! Girls and boys should wear ATAC caps. These can be found at Total Team Wares only. ATAC t-shirts will be on sale during practice sometime in the near future - dates will be announced and flyers will be posted around the pool beforehand.
Tip: Wear your cheaper suits and caps to practice and save team attire for swim meets only.
At Meets, our T-shirt colors are: FRIDAYS (Gold), SATURDAYS (Maroon), SUNDAYS (White). Of course, if you don't have but one shirt, that's the shirt to wear!


Goal for the year: Remind yourself, "I can. and I will."