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Frequently Asked Questions

For Interested Parents and/or Swimmers

Here are answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently. Hopefully you will find these helpful but if you have other questions please feel free to contact our office or send us an email.

Q.  How much does it cost to be on the team

A. The monthly swim fees range from $35 to $150 depending on the training group the coaches put your swimmer in.  For new/younger swimmers, it will more than likely be $65. There is a $50 application fee to join the team Year Round.  Seasonal League (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)  fees are $225  All ATAC members must register with USA Swimming each year. The annual fee is $75 (Summer 2019 only is $37.50) in addition a annual $25.00 ATAC Booster fee and $12.50 for seasonal swimmers will be added to your USA swimming registration.


Q.  What swimming strokes does my child need to know to join the team?

A. Swimmers 5 to 8 need to swim 1 length of the pool (25 yards) freestyle in good form (head in the water, breathing to the side).  Contact us for the requirements for swimmers older than 8. Some swimmers will need additional instruction before they will be ready to join our practices. Swim lessons are available from the Tallahassee Swim School that can prepare a swimmer for ATAC.



Q. Does my swimmer have to be a real good swimmer to swim for ATAC?

A. No. The way that the ATAC program/group structure is set up allows for children of all ages and abilities to grow and develop at their own pace. As they develop they get promoted to higher groups that will challenge them to develop and learn more about the sport. 


Q. What is the swim tryout for ?

A. The coach will determine which of our practice groups will provide the best environment to develop your swimmer based primarily on their demonstrated proficiency, but also on their endurance and size.


Q.  How do we try-out

A. Try-outs are held at Trousdell. Please visit our Try-Out Information page for try-out details. Bring  goggles and aswimsuit and be ready to swim.

Q. It says that ATAC is a year round swimming team, does that mean we have to commit to the entire year?

A. No. Year Round swimmers can leave the program at the end of any quarter. ATAC does also offer four seasonal (9-10 week) programs for younger swimmers and for high school swimmers.


Q. Where does ATAC swim?

A. Our primary pool is Trousdell Aquatic Center, we also swim seasonally at the following location: Myers Park


Q.  What is the size of pool ATAC swims in?

A. 25 yards (short course) and 50 meters (long course)


Q.  Is the pool heated?

A.  YES! in the winter time the temperature is approximately 80 degrees.


Q. Will my child have to practice everyday? I have heard that swimmers practice everyday and my child doesn’t want to make that kind of a commitment.

A. No. While swimmers that are older and have been swimming for years do train more, we recommended our younger swimmers that are just starting out should come to practice two or three days a week so that they can participate in other activities as well. As they get older and they want to make the commitment then the practice days increase but this happens over several years at a gradual progression. Consistent and significant improvement with swimming comes with regular practice attendance.


Q. Do we have to go to swim meets every weekend?

A. No. We have a schedule that as a team ATAC will participate in, but it is up to the swimmer and parent if they will participate or not. There are plenty of opportunities for the swimmer to attend meets.


Q. How can I best help the coach help my child?

A.  Bring them to practices regularly, prepared and on time. Be supportive and let them enjoy the sport.  Let the coaches do the coaching.


Q.  How can I best help the team?

 ASupport your child by bringing them to practice, preparing them for the meet and cheering for them and the team at meets.

Attend the monthly ATAC booster meetings on the second Tuesday of every month.

Volunteer to help out at a swim meet or with other swim team duties. It's an all volunteer effort and there is always something more that can be done.

 Consider becoming a stroke & turn judge, starter or referee. The officiating is all volunteer and it always helps to have more people trained to step in when others have scheduling conflicts for a meet. You may also enjoy the meet more when you know the rules well.


Q.  How often and when is practice?

APractices are held year round Monday through Saturday and depend on the training level and the season.  See the Swimmers – Practice Schedule (or Swimmers - Summer Schedule) page for exact times.


Q. What do we do if the weather is bad?

A. If the pool is open, ATAC will swim.  If it is just raining, ATAC will swim. If there is lightening in the area, the City of  Tallahassee will clear the pool and will let us back in when it is safe. Remember in Tallahassee it may be thundering on one side of town and perfectly clear at the pool. You may call the Trousdell main line (850-891-4901) to find out if the pool is open or check the HOME page we will update the pool status on the banner if possible.


Q.  Should I stay and watch a swim practice?

A. You are welcome to watch, but please refrain from talking with the coach during practice. Practice is when the coach spends time with the swimmers. Please hold you questions for the coach until before or after practice.  We would ask that you remain behind the ‘wall’ so your swimmer is not distracted and the pool deck is as clear as possible.


Q. What happens if we have a conflict and my child is not able to attend practice?

A. It is not necessary to inform the coaches if your swimmer misses a practice once in a while, but if it is going to be a prolonged absence the coaches would appreciate an email letting us know.


Q.  Does my child need to wear the team swim suit and swim cap during practice? During a meet? What brand and where do I buy it?

ANot during practice. In fact, to reduce wear-and-tear, the swim team suit should probably only be worn during meets. Total Teamwares (800-888-8843) has our suit and swim cap in stock. Team caps are necessary for meets.


Q.  My child attends a summer day camp. Can s/he still participate?

AYes - In the Summer there are evening practice times available Summer Schedule


See the Meets FAQ for detailed information on meets

Q.  How do we know which meet my child will swim in?

A.   The meet schedule is available on the team website  All the meets indicate the groups that are encouraged to attend. Please talk to your coaches about the best meets for your swimmer.


Q. How many meets will my child participate in?

 A. It depends on a variety of factors including your swimmer’s competitive level. The coaches are very happy to help you with this.