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Where Can I Swim in College? 

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Fortunately, ATAC has a great number of swimmers that will be looking to swim in college over the next few years. Realizing this, we have put some links for our athletes. Looking for a college has to start in a swimmer’s sophomore year in High School if they are going to be able to compete for a position in the recruiting process. Below this links would give you a summary of how you need to get started. These are not the only things you need to do, but will get you headed in the right direction. Coach Maul, of course, is a great resource for you in looking in the right direction based on your level of swimming and what colleges might have a place for you in their program.

We hope this is helpful for our athletes and we look for them to continue to excel and represent ATAC in collegiate ranks.

Tools and Tips to Help You, and Your Parents, Get Ready for that Next Chapter in Your Life(Key swimming team, YMCA-Ohio)

College Recruiting (Missouri Valley Swimming)

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