Incentive Initiative

2014/2015 Winter Warrior program

The coaching staff would like to invite your swimmer to participate in our WINTER WARRIOR Program for 2014/2015. We know that there is some trepidation on the part of some of our swimmers and parents to continue through the winter months. This is a common concern, especially with our newer and younger swimmers. We hope you have read what we consider to be “Tallahassee’s Winter” and some tips on how to stay comfortable during these months (Fall League Bulletin on 9/28). If you didn’t receive this, please let us know and we’ll send it out to you. KEEP IN MIND ALSO…Myers Park will be available beginning December 1st. There will be a bubble over the pool and both the air and pool are heated. There will be limited space so 1st priority will be for Bronze Swimmers then, if space is available, Silver. Practices will be Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 5:30 PM. The Winter Warrior program will be based on attendance in a certain number of practices and a minimum number of meets to be attended. We will be tracking cancellations and other issues that might arise that might affect attendance during this time. The time frame for the program is from December 1st through March 13th, which is 13 weeks of actual scheduled swimming days. At the end of this period we will tabulate the practices and meet attendance. Those swimmers meeting the minimum requirements for their swimming group will receive a cool and official ATAC “WINTER WARRIOR” T-Shirt, ATAC WATER BOTTLE and a PARTY. The Pre-Seniors and Seniors have a similar program, but it revolves around the Christmas Holiday training. It’s amazing how serious they get about putting in 150,000 yards in this two week period just to get that special shirt that only they have! Well, it’s time for our younger swimmers to also have that “Special, one-of-a-kind shirt too” so we hope everyone will work together to make it happen for these swimmers.
Here’s how it works
Again, there are 13 weeks of swimming available. This comes to 52 days of actual swimming for Bronze/Silver/Gold, 65 days of swimming for Pre-Age Group and 78 days of swimming for Age Group. There will be about 7 swim meets available which will be listed below with a short explanation of who might be eligible to attend. Note: 12/22/14 through 1/4/15 are not part of the 13 weeks.
The breakdown of requirements are;
BRONZE/SILVER: Attend 65% of all scheduled practices, which comes out to 33.8 practices (average of 2.6 practices a week). Attend 3 Meets during this time
GOLD: Attend 70% of practices, which comes out to be 36.4 practices (average of 2.8 practices a week). Attend 3 Meets.
PRE-AGE GROUP: Attend 70% of practices, which comes out to be 45.5 practices (average of 3.5 practices a week). Attend 3 Meets.
AGE GROUP: Attend 70% of practices, which comes out to be 54.6 practices (average of 4.2 practices a week). Attend 4 meets
12/5-7/14 – GATOR INVITATIONAL……It will have qualifying times that must be achieved prior to entering
12/13-14/14 – “B” CHAMPS (Jacksonville)…..This is a championship meet for those swimmers that have not achieved an “A” time so it’s a meet we want to encourage all our younger swimmers to attend. It’s a championship meet so we’d like to have a good ATAC representation.
12/20/14 – ATAC DEVELOPMENTAL AND PICNIC…..This will be held at Myers Park. We split the team into the RED (Rudolf’s team) and GREEN team (Wet Elves) and have a dual meet. Each swimmer gets either a Red or Green cap. The winning team gets a prize. It’s lots of fun and a lot of “Best Times” are achieved because the simmers are having fun…No pressure. So we want all our swimmers at this end of the year event.
1/23-25/15 – ATAC’s MAC MEET (FSU’s Leach Center – indoors). This is our Winter Meet so we’d like to see all our swimmers attend
2/28 – 3/1, 2015 - AREA I-IV, Jacksonville….This a Championship Meet for those swimmers that have not achieved a Florida Age Group qualifying time. This is another great meet for our developing swimmers
2/TBA/15 – ATAC DEVELOPMENTAL…..Another great meet for all our swimmers
3/12-15/15 – FLORIDA AGE GROUP CHAMPIONSHIPS ….. You must meet the qualifying times listed for this championship.
 There may be one more meet available in the beginning of March. TBA