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High School Season

 2010 Big Bend Top 16 - High School Swimming in Tallahassee

High School Swimming Season (2009)

ATAC High School Season Comes to an End

Ninety-two regional qualifiers, twenty-five state qualifiers, six state championships, seven automatic All-American swims ... Tallahassee High Schools hit the jackpot

Tallahassee has become a high school swimming powerhouse. Our High School Teams finished in the top echelon of the State Championships this year. The city's All-American individuals and relays hit the headlines, but the sheer numbers of swimmers who advanced to the regional and state championships says a great deal about the state of the sport of swimming in the city.

The ATAC programs feeding the high school programs have played an enormous role. The most obvious is ATAC's Pre-Senior and Senior program, where swimmers attend as many as eleven training sessions per week. But other programs have contributed greatly to the rapid growth in the number of swimmers achieving at a high level. The ATAC high school conditioning group, for which swimmers attend as many as five workouts per week, has become immensely popular during the fall, but also during the summer season when swimmers are preparing for the short and intense high school season.

The Serinas synchronized swimming program, which has long had success at the national level - in synchronized swimming - has also had many swimmers over the years not only dual affiliate with ATAC, but make a major impact on the High School swim teams' successes, which was so clearly evident again this year.

Additionally, the high school teams themselves have become a great deal more organized than they were only a few years ago. The high schools' coaching staffs deserve the credit for this. Leon's team routinely attracts sixty swimmers, while Chiles, Florida High, Lincoln and Rickards all have large programs as well. The future seasons will also see many of our up and coming young swimmers competing at more of the various High Schools, which should also make for some great new rivalries.

CONGRATULATIONS to all for an outstanding High School year!!

All-Americans (all automatic)
Scott Ervin, 200 IM
Kelley Wyman, 50 free, 100 free
Joe Ziegler, 200 free, 100 back
Leon boys 200 and 400 freestyle relays

State Champions
Kelley Wyman, 50 free, 100 free
Joe Ziegler, 200 free, 100 back
Leon boys 200 and 400 freestyle relays

State Qualifiers
Chiles: Boys’ 200 medley relay, Girls’ 200 freestyle relay, Boys’ 200 freestyle relay, Girls’ 400 freestyle relay, Boys’ 400 freestyle relay, Allison Cottle (girls’ 200 individual medley, 500 freestyle), Scott Ervin (boys’ 200 individual medley, 100 breaststroke), Gus Morley (boys’ 200 individual medley), Chris Norris (boys’ 500 freestyle), Kelli Rodda (girls’ 500 freestyle), Peter Sprowls (boys’ 50 freestyle, 100 butterfly), Kendall Swartz (girls’ diving)

Florida High: Megan Walker (girls’ 100 butterfly)

Godby: Samantha Vandewark (girls’ diving)

Leon: Girls’ 200 medley relay, Boys’ 200 medley relay, Girls’ 200 freestyle relay, Boys’ 200 freestyle relay, Boys’ 400 freestyle relay, Matt Baker (boys’ diving), Antonio Birk (boys’ 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle), Francisco Birk (boys’ 200 individual medley, 100 butterfly), Patrick Dix (boys’ 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke), Sapphire Hinson (girls’ 50 freestyle), Eva Kohout (girls’ diving), Sierra Spark (girls’ 50 freestyle), Anna Straubinger (girls’ 100 freestyle, 100 backstroke), Cody Strauss (boys’ diving), Jorgi Tome-Munson (girls’ 100 breaststroke), Kelley Wyman (boys’ 50 freestyle, 100 freestyle), Joe Ziegler (boys’ 200 freestyle, 100 backstroke)

Lincoln: Amber Bowman (girls’ 50 freestyle)

Rickards: Boys’ 200 medley relay, Alan Chen (boys’ 50 freestyle, 100 backstroke), Jesse Fields (girls’ 200 individual medley), Nao Nao Wu (boys’ 100 breaststroke)

Regional Qualifiers
Chiles: Emily Antworth, Allison Cottle, Megan Eppes, Scott Ervin, Stewart Fletcher, Hayley King, Phillip Martin, Jeffrey McFarland, Joshua McGuire, Gus Morley, Chris Norris, Sarah Norton, Taylor Ranft, Kelli Rodda, Auriel Rolle-Polk, Mary Rudolph, Nick Rudolph, Allison Schlak, Justin Sickler, Peter Sprowls, Kendall Swartz, Emily Wailes, James Washburn

Florida High: Morgan Glazer, Robbie Goethe, Logan O’Byrne, Megan Walker

Godby: Melinda Cable, Caytie Richardson-Hopkins, Samantha Vandewark, Jessica Reid, Corynn Walker

Leon: Matt Baker, Megan Bartlett, Antonio Birk, Francisco Birk, Anja Buehner, Stacey Crump, Landon Davis, Patrick Dix, Robert Draper, Keven Emmanuel, Scott Griffith, Graham Hawkes, Caitlin Hicks, Sapphire Hinson, Emily Kennedy, Eva Kohout, William Meyer, Alex Muscagni, Josef Rainer, Tyler Rolling, Sierra Spark, Anna Straubinger, Cody Strauss, Melissa Sullivan, Jorgi Tome-Munson, Dawson Troy Taylor, Leslie Washburn, Kelley Wyman, Joe Ziegler

Lincoln: Amber Bowman, Lucy Li, Wes Lind, Keith Munsey, Matt Napier, Maggie Power, Alex Wampler, Whitney Whitehead

Maclay: Colson Barnes, James Caster, Vailjev Dobrosojvic, Kyle Goller, Margaret Lines, Cecilia Smith-Schoenwalder

Rickards: Chase Bissell, Jordan Cason, Alan Chen, Sarah Clow, Jesse Fields, Zaid Hamilton, Brian Leichus, Rosie Maier-Katkin, Nic Manting-Brewer, Carly Mertz, Corey Redig, Michael Shakar, David Taylor, Ritchie Wai, Ryan Welke, Elias Wolfe, Nao Nao Wu

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