ATAC Boosters

The ATAC BOOSTER ORGANIZATION was formed to assist the City of Tallahassee under the Direction of its Head Coach in providing the necessary tools and support for swimmers to “Pursue Excellence” in competitive swimming. To this end, the Parent Booster Organization was formed, of which all registered swimmer’s parent are members. The Board of Directors are elected parents of swimmers that provide direction and coordination of Booster efforts in support of the team. The organization is a non-profit corporation organized to foster amateur swimming, specifically in support of training amateur athletes for the purpose of participating in local, regional, state and national amateur swimming competitions sanctioned by the United States Swimming Association on behalf of the swim team sponsored by the City of Tallahassee. The corporation shall be at all times a not for profit corporation under the provisions of the Florida Not for Profit Corporation Act (i.e., Chapter 617, Florida Statutes). Furthermore, it conducts programs and activities; raises funds; requests and receive grants, gift contributions, and bequests of money, real and personal property. It also acquires, receives, holds, invests and administers, in its own name, securities, funds, objects of value, or other property, real or personal; and make expenditures to or for the benefit of any and all charitable purposes. The specific and primary purposes for which the Corporation is formed, include without limitation, the following: (a) To exclusively foster local, regional and national amateur swimming competition on behalf of the swim team sponsored by the City of Tallahassee. (b) To provide for the physical, mental, moral, and social development of youth through competitive swimming; and to ensure that successful swimming experiences are available for all levels of swimmers - from novice through national championship and Masters competition.

Your ATAC Booster Board for the 2017 - 2018 Swim Season are:

President: Traci Campbell (

Co-President: Jackie Ayers (

Secretary: Gail Steinkueler (

Co-Treasurers: Michele Anderson ( & Samique March-Dallas (

Swim Meet Manager Email:

Meet Entries: Jamye Wars (

MAC Meet Managers: Shanin Frost ( & Courtney Gilbert (

Long Course Meet Manager: Susie Holmes (

Area 1 & 4 Meet Manager: Coach Meghan Haila ( 

Developmentals Meet Manager: Katie Clark (

Summer League Meet Manager: Allison Carter (

Website: Holger Amort (

Social Media: Bill Shiell (

Hospitality & Concessions: Gail Steinkueler  ( LOOKING FOR REPLACEMENT

Senior/Pre-Senior Group Representatives: Holley Curry ( and Marsha Greer (

Age Group Representatives: Heather Higdon ( & Carl Moore (

Novice Group Representatives: NEED A VOLUNTEER

Travel (Hotels): Maggie Crutchfield (


Awards: Nicole Gandiana (

Heat Sheets: Lisa Hevey ( 

ATAC Spirit Shop: Mandy Bamber ( & Wendy Anzalone (

Officials and Team Records: Alec Kercheval ( & Shanin Frost (

Sponsorships: Desiree Fenniman ( & Liz Ekk (

Banquet: Gail Steinkueler  ( & Melissa Outten (


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