Bolles Boarding Students

The Bolles School Residence Program for Swimming

The Bolles School offers a residence program for students to attend the upper school and be a part of the Bolles Varsity Swim Team and Bolles School Sharks. Student-athletes from around the world have come to make the Bolles School a destination for swimmers with Olympic and Collegiate dreams.

Student-Athletes may choose swim only for the Varsity program each fall (August to November).  Many students coming to Bolles to swim choose to compete on the Bolles School Sharks year-round (August to July).  Boarding students pay the team registration fee, coaching fees, and meet expenses (entries and travel) as part of the Sharks program.  There are adjustments to the membership program for boarding students:

  • Coaching Fees will be paid over 11 months ($184.00 September 1st to July 1st)
  • Boarding students are asked to volunteer at the Bolles "Ping Pong" meets for our youngest competitive swimmers.  These occur on 8-10 evenings throughout the year and provide a great deal of excitement for young swimmers in the program.
  • Team Travel options will be provided for necessary meets throughout the year.  These expenses are not included in tuition or coaching fees.