New Families FAQ

 Welcome to the Bolles School Sharks!


Frequently asked questions:

1.  Does my child have to attend The Bolles School to be a member of the Sharks swim team?  No, membership and participation in our programs are open to all eligible swimmers who meet our qualification requirements and have the desire to better themselves through the sport of swimming.

2.  How do we sign up to try out the Bolles School Sharks?  USA Swimming Inc., allows for any swimmer to try out a prospective team for two weeks before making a commitment to the team.  That being said, determine which group your child would qualify for, check the practice schedule for that group, arrive 15 minutes before the practice and fill out a visitors registration form at the Swim Office.  We will notify the coach that there is a new swimmer to their practice "trying us out!"

3.  How do I know which Group my child should swim in?  Age Group Coach, Gina Aguilar, does swim assessments, Monday-Thursdays, 3-7 pm and will determine the best suited group for your swimmer.  Stop into the Swim Office and we will let Coach Gina know your swimmer is there for an assessment.

*Please note that all High School age swimmers will automatically fall into the Senior program.

4.  How many practices should my child attend?  Each Age Group program has a "recommended" amount of practices a swimmer should attend based on the individual's ability and goals.  The best resource for an answer to this will be your swimmer's Coach.  The Senior levels will have mandatory attendance expectations.

5.  How much will it cost to be a member of the Sharks? Each swimmer, depending on their group, will have monthly coaching dues and be required to be a current USA Swimming Inc. member.  Each family will have an annual registration fee (to be paid at registration for new members) as well as be responsible for meet fees, team wear and equipment costs as listed in the Team Handbook.

6.  Does my swimmer have to participate in swim meets?  Swimmers are prepared and encouraged to compete in all swimming events, distances, and strokes. This policy promotes versatility and encourages the swimmers to explore their potential in the wide range of events offered in competitive swimming.

7.  As a parent/guardian, do we have to volunteer?  To ensure that The Bolles School Sharks (BSS) swimmers have the opportunity to participate in team activities, swim meets, and USA Swimming, Inc. sanctioned competitions, as well as supplement operating expenses, BSS must host several swim meets throughout the year.  All team affiliated events are staffed totally by parent volunteers and cannot run without family participation.  BSS is very fortunate to have an incredible group of very committed members who have volunteered generously, however it did become necessary to implement a Service Hour Obligation (SHP) policy to ensure that ALL families participate.  The current SHP can be found in the Team Handbook.