Learn to Swim Groups


Students learn to float on their front and back, learn to blow bubbles, get their face wet, kicking and generally become comfortable in the water. Students will learn water safety skills, how to be safe in the water, how to enter and exit the pool properly.  The may start the basic concept of freestyle and backstroke skills as well. Students need to be able to float on their front and back, unaided, no fear or crying, before moving onto level 2.  Sometimes students, depending on their comfort level, may repeat level one.  This class is taught in our teaching pool or may be moved to the main pool using platforms.


Students will continue to get comfortable in the water. They will work on body positions on front and back, continue floating. Kicking with a kick board on front and back - holding breath in water, getting in and out of water.We will be working towards independent swimming and confidence. When these skills are mastered the child is promoted to level 3. This class is taught in our teaching pool or we may move them to the main pool utilizing platforms.  


Students at this level will start to use the correct arm strokes for freestyle and backstroke, including proper side breathing technique for freestyle. Swimmers will start to coordinate their arms and legs with proper breathing and should be able to swim at least 20-25 yards. We will also work on the swimmers endurance level. Swimmers will be introduced to the breaststroke kick.  Upon competing these skills students will advance to level 4.  At this level if the student can swim 25 yards unaided they can also join the Chris Colwill Dive team.  


Students in level 4 are now mastering the skills they have learned in previous levels. Swimmers should know rhythmic breathing (breathing to the side) Proper body positions in the water on the front and back.(streamline position) They will improve their freestyle and backstroke, and should be able to swim further distance while refining their breathing skills and stroke technique for freestyle and backstroke, continuing to work on the swimmers endurance.  Swimmers will also be introduced to treading water in deeper water. Students will continue to work on breaststroke kick, adding arms stokes while learning the proper timing of the stroke. At this level students are introduced to the butterfly kick on their front, side and back. Upon mastering these skills students will advance to stroke school or Chris Colwill Diving.