What to Expect

What To Expect

Your child's swim lesson will last 40 minutes. On the first day you will notice the instructors evaluating the students and getting to know them. As the days progress the goal will be to teach and work on skills that move each child to the next level.

You may see your child moved from one group to another on the first or second day. We want each child to be in the appropriate level and get the best lesson possible. The deck supervisor or instructor will be sure and let you know where and why your child was moved. Please let us know if there are any special circumstances that we should know about your child. These include "scary" mishaps in the water and medical conditions.

Your instructor will attempt to keep you informed as the lessons progress. please check with them periodically. Near the end of the session, Your instructor will let you know if your student is ready to move up to the next level or if they need to remain in the current level. We strive for consistency, yet situations may arise where instructors be absent due to illness or unforeseen circumstances. a substitute instructor will take their place for that days lesson.

We ask that a guardian remain inside the facility during the child's lesson. Swim students and their siblings may not be left unattended at BSAC at any time.

We are a licensed facility, therefore children not attending our After School/summer camp program can not be out on the basketball courts or on the field during business hours ( Mon - Fri until 6 pm ). We appreciate your cooperation in thi matter.

Our instructors try and keep you updated on the students progress. If you have ANY questions please ask before talk or after the lessons. You can also talk with the on deck supervisor or email

A lesson missed due to an illness requires a doctors note (no exceptions). Please talk to the on deck supervisor regarding a make up class option(s), due to illness. If you are unable to attend a make up lesson, that lesson is forfeited.

Absolutely NO REFUNDS or CREDITS are given for missed/canceled classes. See ON DECK SUPERVISOR for canceled class options. If you register after a session has begun that session will not be pro-rated.

Credits are no longer issued due to canceled classes. If you have a credit from previous year you may use that credit at yhr concession stand or in our pro shop. It cannot be used for lessons due to our change over in registration systems. Credits on BSAC accounts over a year old will be deleted.

With our new registration process we can no longer automatically register your child for the next session of swim lessons. You may register your child anytime using web sit. Our Member Service staff will not have access to your Team Unify account. Please register early as classes will fill up.

Grown Ups

We love having our grown ups watch swim lessons but we do ask that you watch from certain areas. Keep cool while in the shade under the awnings at the picnic table area by the playground or hang out in our concession area by the teaching pool to watch your swimmers. The swimmers and instructors can work better if parents watch from the designated areas. It can become a distraction if a parent is at the edge of the pool. Do feel free to step up and take pictures. This is an exciting time.

The Big Questions?

Cancelations and Make Ups

In case of inclement weather, NO CLASS WILL BE CANCELED UNTIL 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE LESSON. BSAC has set up an account with Remind 101. To receive messages on class cancelations, please download APP and register the session code given to you by the on deck supervisor. Please see on deck supervisor for make yp class options. We will no longer be calling about class cancelations.  If class has already started and 20 minutes has already lapsed, no make up class will be given. If possible, instruction concerning water safety and body positioning may be done.