Age Group Level I

Age Group Level I

All of the criteria below must be met in order for an athlete to be fully prepared for the next stage in their development. Fast swimming alone is not a compelling enough reason to push a swimmer to the next level.


Level I (Ie & Im) (“e” - elementary school aged, “m’ is for middle school aged)

Our Level I programs are designed to meet the needs of the developing competitive swimmer. Since children learn in different ways at the different ages, we have broken the program into two (2) groups by age. Elementary school aged swimmers will be in the Level Ie program. Middle school aged children will train in the Level Im program. Athletes in these training groups will move on to the next level of our program when they have meet the exit requirements.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the exit requirements for the Sharks program.

Description: Swimmers in this group, typically ages five (5) & up, will focus on developing a mastery of all the competitive strokes as well as starts, turns and individual medley transitions.  In addition, the swimmers will be introduced to more advanced training techniques that will establish the aerobic base children need to compete and train at higher levels later in their careers. The swimmers will also develop advanced positive interpersonal skills so they can successfully work in a team environment. All of this is done in a fun, positive environment.

Unlike most programs across the country, our Head Coach leads and directly oversees this group. We feel strongly that these children need our most experienced staff members hands on with these children so we can give the developing swimmers the best chance for long term success.

Dates/Times/Costs: Dates/Times/Costs: Dates & Times vary throughout the year (please check our current class offerings by clicking here). The cost is $125 per month. BSAC members receive a $25 a month discount on their monthly fee.Optional home and local swim meets will also be made available throughout the season. Additional fees may apply to participate in meets.

Age Group Level I - Exit Requirements


Age Group - Level I (both Ie & Im)



  • can complete the full practice session
  • can swim freestyle continuously for twenty (20) minutes without breaking form
  • can successfully complete the training sets for group advancement (see below)
  • has successfully completed a 50 (yd or mtr) in every stroke as well as a 100 yard IM legally in a sanctioned competition


Psychological - Advanced Positive Interpersonal Skills

  • the swimmer understands that they are part of a team and has respect for teammates
  • the swimmer listens to recommendations from coaches and willingly tries to make the appropriate corrections

during practice the swimmer will:

  • leave on time during sets
  • start and finish at the wall
  • swim sets as they are designed (doesn’t drill on fly sets, does proper turns, etc.)
  • swims the ENTIRE set (no walking on the bottom, sitting out…)
  • Accurately counts and computes distances
  • the swimmer demonstrates a willingness to help pick up equipment at the end of a practice session
  • the swimmer talks to the coach before & after each race, if possible
  • treats teammates and coaches in the same manner he or she would like to be treated
  • swimmer brings / shares report cards, or otherwise keeps coach current on school progress; he/she knows the importance of quality and hard work academically and completes assignments on time
  • works well with training partners, even if not the best of friends outside the team
  • is not influenced by negative behavior / actions of teammates or peers


  • begins a sprint freestyle race with a good streamline, underwaters, breakout and without breathing the first three (3) strokes
  • finishes a freestyle race without breathing from the flags into the wall and with a strong kick
  • demonstrates a basic understanding of pacing in races


  • can vocalize the concepts for all four (4) strokes contained on the Swimmer’s Stroke Score Card
  • consistently demonstrates proper streamlines off walls
  • does not breath off wall when performing freestyle throughout practice
  • can swim fifty yards (50y) of all four (4) competitive strokes with reasonably rhythm and correct breathing
  • starts from block, executes legal turns and has proper finishes for all four (4) strokes in practices as well as races


Age Group - Level I - Training Set Exit Requirements

  • 10 x 100 Free on 2:20​
  • 4 x 200 IM on 5:00 (holding 4:40)

And one of the following sets



  • 6 x 100 Fly or Back on 2:20
  • 6 x 100 Breast on 2:40


Must get at least 10 seconds rest on all repeats to advance