Age Group Level IV

Age Group - Level IV

All of the criteria below must be met in order for an athlete to be fully prepared for the next stage in their development. Fast swimming alone is not a compelling enough reason to push a swimmer to the next level.

Age Group - Level IV - Level IV is our top training group for our elementary and middle school aged swimmers. The group is open to swimmers who meet the exit requirements for Level III. Participants should strive to meet the entry requirements for our upper two (2) Senior level training groups upon graduating middle school.

Prerequisite: Completion of the exit requirements for Level III.

Description: Swimmers in this group, typically ages eleven (11) & up, will experience world class instruction and training. This training group is reserved for those swimmers with high goals, superior time management skills and a true passion for the sport. There are high expectations to go along with the swimmers’ high goals. Mornings, pulleys, flexibility, proper nutrition and rest are all part of the mix in this group. Entry into this training group represents a true accomplishment. Swimmers who have been in this group in the past have gone on to do amazing things in high school, college and as members of our National teams. These athletes usually have qualifying and scoring at the NCSA 14 & Under Nationals or NCSA 18 & Under Junior Nationals as goals.Since these athletes compete at a high level, we also introduce arousal control techniques in this level as well.

Dates/Times/Costs: Dates/Times/Costs: Dates & Times vary throughout the year (please check our current class offerings by clicking here). The cost is $155 per month. BSAC members receive a $25 a month discount on their monthly fee.

Age Group Level IV - Exit Requirements


  • can successfully complete the training sets for entry into the Senior Elite or Senior National training groups (see below) with proper stroke technique, breathing patterns & use of walls
  • has successfully attempted an 800 meter, 1000 yard, 1500 meter or 1650 freestyle in a sanctioned competition
  • Knows their individual paces for each energy zone and holds them during workouts
  • Understands the nature and power of parametric sets and holds or betters his or her paces when performing those sets throughout the course of the season

Psychological - Arousal Regulation

  • learns to control anxiety and activation through relaxation techniques
  • understands that they have their own individual zone of optimal arousal and learns ways to get them self there on command
  • uses breathing and meditation techniques to reduce arousal
  • can slow down heart rate and relax muscles on command
  • uses breathing, energizing imagery and energizing verbal cues to self-induce activation
  • learns to transfer negative emotion and energy into positive energy to accomplish goals
  • the swimmer learns to store away “excess” energy pre-event to use during performance
  • learns to draw energy from the competitive environment
  • the swimmer effectively paces him or herself appropriately, both mentally and physically, during competition and training sets


  • understands the concept of stroke rates (tempo) and tries to practice & race with tempo and distance per stroke in mind
  • shows a willingness to implement their own race strategy even when others in their heat swim their race differently
  • can run a race analysis via video post race (start time, breakout time/distance stroke per lap, stroke rate, turn time and finish time) of themself and their competitors, if available, to fine tune their individual race strategies
  • is a true student of the sport (knows the history, national level cut times, actively seeks out knowledge, etc)


  • scores at least an 90% on the Swimmer’s Stroke Scorecard (coach evaluation) uses walls effectively when performing all strokes, in practice & in races
  • knows tempo and stroke count for their strokes while training in different energy zones
  • takes care of the “little” things each and every day (tight streamlines, reduced drag, increased efficiency, etc)


Senior Elite- Training Set Entry Requirements


  • 16 x 100 on 1:20 Free
  • 8 x 100 Kick on 2:00
  • 6 x 200 IM on 3:20

And one of the following sets


  • 12 x 100 Stroke
  • Fly/Back on 1:30
  • Breast on 1:40

Must get at least 5 seconds rest on all repeats to advance


Senior National- Training Set Entry Requirements

  •  24 x 100 on
  • 1:15 Free for Female
  • 1:10 Free for Male
  • 12 x 100 Kick on 1:40 (Free)
  • 4 x 400 IM
  • 5:20 for Male
  • 5:30 for Female

And one of the following sets



  • 12 x 100 Stroke
  • Back/Fly on 1:25
  • Breast on 1:35

Must get at least 5 seconds rest on all repeats to advance