Senior I


Senior I


Senior I -  Not all swimmers start at the age of six (6) or so. While it is helpful to go through the age group process as a youngster, some of our sport’s best athletes came to it later in life. This program is geared for those athletes as well as those looking to get fit or prepare for their high school swim season.

Prerequisite: Basic swimming skills, high school aged and a desire to get better

Description: Our Senior I program is designed for high school aged swimmers who may have come to the sport later in life or those who simply want to get fit or stay in shape. The goal of the program is to develop the skills needed to become a well rounded swimmer. These athletes will also work on gaining strength and endurance while they are introduced to the concepts that reside in our Age Group Levels System (physiological, psychological, tactical and technical).

Dates/Times/Costs: Dates & Times vary throughout the year (please check our current class offerings by clicking here). The cost is $145 per month.  BSAC members enjoy a $25 a month reduction in their monthly fees. Optional home and local swim meets will also be made available throughout the season. Additional fees may apply to participate in meets.