Please Note: Costs Vary By Location & Season. Please Inquire At Each Branch For Specific Fees.

Our Senior program is broken into two phases. They are based on level of current achievement and each individual’s goals. All Seniors have the opportunity to attend all of the sessions held for their training group. Workouts will be designed and administered to meet the needs of a wide variety of Senior swimmers. To handle is more efficiently, we broke the broke into Senior I and Senior II.

Senior I - The first phase is for swimmers who who have met the exit requirements for Level 5 and can execute the minimum training sets required for group entry.  Senior I swimmers may have come to the sport a tad later and need some technical and endurance work to achieve more in the sport. Many times, athletes in the Senior I Group transition into the senior II group within a couple of seasons. The Senior I training group is also perfect for those who love to train and compete, but are not necessarily training for Olympic Trials. Regardless of the goals, the Senior I group requires a great attitude and a strong sense of teamwork as an entry requirement. 

Senior II - The second phase of the program is designed for those seeking to successfully compete on the national and international arena. Athletes selected to this training group will have every opportunity for success. This is not a group you enter simply by virtue of your age. It, like the Gold training group, is reserved for those looking to be challenged to be their absolute best. Participation in the program means the athlete and their family are fully committed to their performance goals. The environment is supportive and we strive to ensure that every athlete gets the personalized attention they need to meet or exceed their in water goals.

Training sessions are offered six (6) days a week or more. In water session are two hours and fifteen minutes (2:15) in length. Dryland sessions, usually an hour and fifteen minutes (1:15) in length, will also be made available during the course of each season. Morning training sessions are also offered throughout the course of the season. Please see our current seasonal schedule for more details.