MAAP Policy

June, 2019


Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAP)


Dear Blue Wave Families,

USA Swimming has adopted new guidelines for interactions between adults and children. These changes are in the interest to protect children. These changes have come at a swift pace. Many of the provisions are being reevaluated and new light is being shed on how to proceed in certain situations at a rapid pace. That said, all USA Swimming club must update their policies by tomorrow, June 23rd.

I have put together our club’s policy. It can be found at the link below:

Blue Wave MAAPP Policy

USA Swimming has also put together a website to help explain these new guidelines, policies and procedures, which can be found using the link below:

One of the major changes is all USA Swimming registered athletes must take the Athlete Protection Training Course before their eighteenth birthday. We have a thirty (30) day grace period for those athletes who are currently eighteen. Information on the course can be found using the link provided above.

The new MAAP guidelines must be agreed to by all USA Swimming registered families as part of your membership to USA Swimming and Blue Wave. This DOES NOT apply to our Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) registered athletes. Most of our FIshHawk families and former Blue & Novice families, now Age Group 1e & 1m,  are exempt. Of course, we want to always ensure the safety and welfare of our athletes regardless of their affiliation.

I have put together an online acknowledgement form that is quick and simple to fill out. Conversely, you can print out your acknowledgement form and drop it off at member services here at BSAC. You can fill it out using the link below:

I know that there will be many questions on this subject. Most of the coaches around the country have been asking for additional clarification in many aspects of the ruling from our governing body as well. As we get more answers, we will pass them on to you. Thanks in advance for helping us in this important cause.