Training Groups

Training Group Descriptions

Daytona Beach Swimming offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. It is the goal of Daytona Beach Swimming to offer age specific training for all of our athletes geared towards challenging each individual and developing each individual to the best of THEIR abilities.

Swimmers interested in joining our team must contact our Business Manager at Out of courtesy to our Coaches please do not show up on the pool deck.

Daytona Beach Swimming offers a year-round competitive training and conditioning program.

The training is conducted year round at Port Orange YMCA and Ormond Beach YMCA.  Additionally, groups train in Flager/Palm Coast  from April - November.

The basic requirement for Daytona Beach Swimming membership is that the child be able to comfortably swim one length of a 25-yard pool.  A member of the coaching staff will conduct a short water test on any Monday before the start of practice to determine the appropriate group for the child's skill level.

GROUP ADVANCEMENT: Daytona Beach Swimming coaches will address group advancement during each quarter before the 15th of any month. We will talk with swimmers and parents who will be involved in group changes and we will make those changes at he beginning of the quarter.Advancement is based on a variety of criteria -not just the swim test below.  Swim test subject to change.  

Bronze to Silver  Advancement: 1 X 100 IM no DQ no time. 10 X 50's - 5 X 50's on 1:10  
                                                   5 x 50's on 1:00. 8 X 25's IM order on :40
    Silver to Gold  Advancement: 3 X 200 IM's no DQ and no time. 10 X 100's - 5 on 1:50. 
                                                   5 x100 on 1:45.  8 X 50's IM order on 1:00


Age Group Gold, Silver & Bronze

Ages: Average Ages 5-13

Locations: Port Orange, Ormond Beach, Palm Coast 

Description: 3 -5 practices per week. The goal of these groups is to master the four basic stroke techniques. They will move through these levels where the emphasis will be to improve physical conditioning while teaching the basic skills necessary for competition. These groups will maintain a strong emphasis on developing correct habits in stroke technique. Swimmers at this level are encouraged to compete at meets

Fees: $75 - $105 per month



Ages: High School - College

Locations: Port Orange

Description: 6-9 practices per week.  The Senior team consists of swimmers, generally 13
& up who have demonstrated a high level of  swimming and workout ability.  The Senior
Team competes at the Junior Olympic and State Championship level. DBS Senior
swimmers have competed in the Speedo Championship Series, the Phillips 66/Senior National
Championships and the Olympic Trials.

Fees: $130 per month


High School Conditioning

Ages: High School

Locations: Port Orange 

Description: 3 practices per week for ONE HOUR ONLY. This group is intended to provide an opportunity for swimmers in high school to maintain a high level of physical conditioning without making the intense commitment to year-round swimming that is expected of the Senior groups. The emphasis will be on improving stroke technique while maintaining physical conditioning in a healthy social environment. Swimmers in this group are encouraged to compete in in-town and some out of town meets.

Fees: $75 per month


Masters Swimming

Ages: 18 - 99

Locations: Port Orange 

Description: 3 practices per week.  This group is intended to provide an opportunity for adults to maintain a high level of physical conditioning.   All workouts are written by Coach Steve and will be geared towards competitive swimmers, Tri-athletes and general fitness swimmers. Swimmers MUST be members of USMS. You can become a member by clicking here.

Fees: $30 per month