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Daytona Beach Swimming - Information for New Families


  • DBS 3 Pools = 1 Family
  • Tom McGibeny: Head Coach of Daytona Beach Swimming (Trains High School swimmers and Older at the Port Orange Pool)
  • Everyone has a different reason to be in the pool!  Fun? Exercise? College Scholarship? Olympics? Whatever your goal - DBS coaches can help you reach it!
  • Swimming as a Club Sport - Very Different than most sport your children may have played.  Swimming requires FULL parental participation.  We cannot run meets without our parents?  Meets are totally run by volunteers!


  • - click on the Join DBS Button. Create an account and set up monthly payments. Questions
  • We offer a one day trial for a  coach to determine what group your swimmer would be best suited for based on their swimming proficiency. You must contact for a trial. Please do NOT show up on the pool deck.
  • Your annual Team Registration is $100 and includes your USA Registration. 
  • Download the OnDeck Parent App to your smart phone to access your account from anywhere!


  • You will start receiving e-mails after you register create account.
  • We are on Facebook (Daytona Beach Speed Swimming), Twitter (@DBS_Speed) and Instagram (@DBS_ Speed)
  • Billing/New registartions/Questions?

Swim Wear

  • Female swimmers should wear one piece competitive swim suits.  Male swimmers can wear Jammers or Briefs.  For swim meets swimmers should try to wear black suits.  All Swimmers will be given a team cap as part of the registration.  These suits can be purchased online or at sports stores such as Dick's or Sport Authority.  To purchase a team suit email
  • All swimmers should have goggles.  Swimmers may also need other equipment such as kick board, pull buoy, fins and snorkel.  Their coach should tell you what equipment is necessary.

Team Events (outside the pool)

  • We have team events throughout the year - outside the pool, please try to attend.
  • Some are fundraisers - for team. Some are to say thank you to our sponsors - who are very generous and some are just for fun and to build team unity.
  • These events are announced on the website & Facebook page.
  • Annual Banquet is held in May.  This is a big event to recognize the achievements of our swimmers as well as recognize our coaches and officials.  All swimmers - at all levels are encouraged to attend.


  • Meet Information for all meets are posted on the website.  You must click button to enter meet before posted Deadline!  You choose the days/sessions and events.  You will be billed the week before the meet.


  • We have 3-4 mandatory home meets/year at $35 per meet If it is a mandatory meet it will be part of the communication about that meet.  Even though it is mandatory you still must sign up.
  • For EVERY home meet each family must provide a volunteer for each session their child is swimming - if you have 2 swimmers, you must provide 2 volunteers.  Families are assessed a fee if they do not help out.  Swim meets cannot run without volunteers.
  • You can choose your volunteer position when you sign up for meet.  If you have small children of if you will not be able to physically help on day of meet we will find an alternate way for you to help.

A note on mandatory meets.  ALL swimmers attend.  Yes, even Bronze swimmers.  Yes, even if they can only swim freestyle.  We have 8 & Under events which are only 25 yards . . . and they start at the end of the pool with no starting blocks (so they go off the wall).  

These home meets are a perfect way to introduce our swimmers to the world of swimming. They will interact with swimmers from all four pools and the see the older swimmers compete as well!  

Years ago we implemented mandatory meets so we could get rid of the $100/swimmer fundraising commitment.  Parents agree that watching their child swim (even if it is just 1 or 2 events) if better than selling coupon books, discount cards etc.  This is why families are billed ($35 per swimmer) whether they swim or not. Our mandatory meets are the Winter Invitational, Spring Invitational and Lochte Classic. 


  • Competition in away meets is optional but strongly encouraged.  We are a competitive swim team - it is great for our team and individuals when we have 20-30 swimmers at a meet.
  • Time lines, psych sheets and hotel information is posted on our website.
  • There are fees associated with attending away meets - this is to cover coaches travel expenses. Swimmers pay $5/day for meet plus $1/event.  In addition to price listed in meet information from host team.  If it is a 3 day meet you will be charged $15 even if you only swim 1 day. If it is a two day meet you will be charged $10.
  • We try to sit together at away meets.
  • You are encouraged to share rides to meet with other families and hotel rooms (if necessary) to cut down on costs.