New Parent Letter

Welcome to Our Team

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We realize that as a new parent to the team and for many, to the sport of Swimming, you may have many questions. We hope this letter will provide you with helpful hints in getting acquainted with the team and to the sport of swimming!

Team Communications

  • First and foremost we recommend that you become familiar with the team website:  The site provides you basic communication and information to smoothly transition into the team.  The website posts current news, team records, meet letters, results and much more. The main sources of communication for the team are through email and via the Team Website. We recommend that you check your email daily for practice schedule changes, upcoming meet entries, fund raising events and other news.
  • Ensure you receive communications timely and have full access to the Team Website, you must register as a member of the team.  Please send an email to [email protected] or click on the “contact us” link on the Fast Lane web page.  In the body of the email please provide as much of the following information you are know:  Parents Name, Swimmer(s) Name, Group your child swims in, Coach Name (if known), Date joining Fast Lane Aquatics, email address for all team correspondence. The information provided to the team in the parent contact list is given by you on a voluntary basis and is only used for team communications and is kept confidential within the system database. 

Swim Practice

  • Your swimmer’s coach will explain practice expectations for team they have been placed.  It is critical for the success of your swimmer, they attend as many of the practices as feasible. 
  • Ensure you are receiving team emails and check the web page frequently for practice time changes.  At times changes can be made quickly due to weather, holidays and sickness.

Swim Meets & Fees

  • USA Swimming requires all of our team swimmers be registered and be in good standing to compete.  Fees are required annually. 
  • USA Swimming requires a fee for each event your swimmer participates at every meet.  These meet fees must be paid prior to each meet. An email is sent approximately one (1) week prior to the scheduled meet detailing the amount due.   A check will be required to pay all meet fees.  An email will be sent indicating how and when payments are to be made. 
  • Fast Lane Aquatics coaching fees are due monthly.  In addition there is an annual developmental fee of $150. The funds are used to support the team and coach expenses throughout the year.  Developmental fees are collected annually in September while monthly coaching fees are due by the 15thof each month.


It is our hope that this letter and the information in the website answer your questions.  Always feel free to contact your coach should you have any other questions.


Welcome to the team!

Coach’s Alec & Lera Rukosuev