NTC Aquatics provides an opportunity for swimmers to become part of an exciting, competitive sport. We are dedicated to building competitive swimmers in all areas of aquatic sports. We are committed to this goal by providing excellent, qualified coaching by our staff.

We consider membership a privilege, not a right. We request your complete cooperation and understanding of the basic policies of our organization.

  • DUES. Monthly dues range from $85 to $200 per month. Payment options are as follows:
    • Annual: Full payment at time of registration
    • Monthly: Time of registration, and then at beginning of month each month after.

For any of our payment options, the first payment is charged to the credit card on file at time of registration. Additional payment(s) is charged to the credit card on file on the 1st of the month(s) listed. If the charge is declined, a $35.00 decline charge will be assessed to the account. A $20.00 late fee will be assessed to the account if the payment due has not been received by the 15th of the month.

  • ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE. All families are responsible for an annual team registration fee upon enrollment and every year thereafter upon renewal (each August). This fee is $100 per year.

  • USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION FEE. All swimmers must be registered with USA Swimming. This annual registration fee is due on new membership and upon renewal. The current cost for this membership is $75 per year.

  • PRACTICE AND ENCOURAGEMENT. Parents are welcome to watch practice from the bleachers, awning, or picnic tables. We do ask that parents approach the coaches with questions either BEFORE or AFTER practice. Approaching your swimmer’s coach in the middle of practice can become a distraction and take away from that group’s training. We ask that you let the coaches "coach" and be there for your swimmer with positive encouragement.

  • PROVIDE SUPERVISION. Swimmers should ONLY be on pool deck during the time designated for their respective practice group. NTC Lightning swimmers must enter through the front door of the building and scan in at the Welcome Desk. All children under the age of 13 years old MUST be accompanied by a supervising adult. Those parents who are facility members are welcome to use our PlayWell services while working out.

  • POOL USAGE. The use of the pool before and after practice is ONLY permitted for those members who have purchased a pool pass for their child (12&under) or gym membership (for those 13&over). Facility members may purchase a 10 visit pool pass at the Welcome Desk. Lifeguards must be shown the pool pass before swimming outside of designated practice time. Corporate fitness membership rates are offered to all NTC Lightning Families.

  • POOL PREPARATION. All swimmers must be responsible for pool preparation – this includes covers and lane lines when necessary. All swimmers must be responsible for care of team equipment – this includes returning any borrowed kickboard, pull buoys, or other NTCA training equipment. Please make sure to pack a towel for your swimmer before practice. NTC Lightning team members are not allotted towel use.

  • DISCIPLINE. Discipline is an important component of learning. Good discipline is a way of achieving goals through teamwork and helping our athletes work to their highest potential. At the NTC, discipline is both redemptive and protective in nature.  First, we will do all that is within our abilities to assist athletes in becoming good citizens to our community and examples of good character. Secondly, we will have a safe environment where all athletes are free to learn to their full potential.  We will not permit one athlete or parent to create an unsafe atmosphere or disrupt the training process for other athletes. We expect that most minor infractions will be addressed by the coach in cooperation with the parent. Repeated or more serious infractions will result in discipline according to the scale outlined in the Discipline Code of Conduct.

  • ASSIST AND HELP AT NTC AQUATICS HOSTED MEETS. Each NTC Lightning family is required to volunteer at home meets for a total of 15 hours by June 15th, 2020. Families who volunteer are required to sign-up for all 15 hours by May 30th, 2020 to secure their commitment. Individuals volunteering as a registered USA Swimming Official at home meets will receive two hours of volunteer credit for each one hour volunteering. If a family chooses at the time of team registration to not participate as a volunteer, the family may elect to pay the Event Volunteer Support Fee of $150. If a family chooses at the time of club registration to volunteer, but does not meet the hourly requirement by June 15th, 2020, the Event Volunteer Support Fee will be assessed, but at an hourly rate of $12.00 for any remaining hours to the credit card on file on August 1st, 2020.

  • FUNDRAISING AND COMMUNITY AWARENESS. All families are encouraged to participate in fundraising activities that involve the team, and promote NTC Aquatics in your business, professional, and civic involvement.

  •  TIMER DUTY AT AWAY SWIM MEETS. When attending any USA-S sanctioned meet, other than NTC Aquatics home meets, parents may be asked to fulfill any required  timing responsibility for that meet. NTC Aquatics may be assigned a specific number of chairs at a meet. All parents must help fulfill the club’s timing requirement or the team will be fined by USA Swimming.

Note: Failure to comply with any of the following guidelines may result in termination from the team.