Training Groups

Training Groups and Move up Standards

Group move ups to happen and be considered a maximum of three times per year.  The exact date of the move ups in any given year to be decided by the head coach and the group of coaches taking part in the “decision making” meeting if such meeting will be held. 

  • In the interim between Summer long course season and the start of Short course season (late August into early September after the Summer Break)
  • Half way through short course season between mid-December and early January (small group move up)
  • After GSC Spring Break in late March and early April before the start of the long course season. 
  • Move ups will not happen at any other time.

To move up to the next level group swimmers must achieve at least one standard in each of the 3 categories and fulfill all three standards 1) achievement, 2) Skill level, 3) Attendance. Even if the swimmer achieves the standards in mid-season the swimmer will not be moved up to the next group until the end of the “current season.”