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Give Your Child a Lesson For Life

Swim America of Gainesville is a learn to swim program for children. Our philosophy is to promote awareness and water safety by giving each swimmer a foundation of skills that will foster a lifelong love of the water. We individualize each lesson so that each swimmer progresses at their own level of readiness. By offering each individual that opportunity to master both development and safety skills, we will install confidence and enthusiasm in the water. SwimAmerica is a nationally certified program of the American Swim Coaches Association

SAOG began in Gainesville in 1998 and is directed by Kathleen Troy and Jill Wilby. By combining their educational backgrounds in elementary education and child development with over forty years of swimming instruction and coaching in Jacksonville, they have created a program which enables children to master basic swimming and survival skills at a young age and to further enhance their swimming abilities as they progress through the SwimAmerica program.

How do you know if your child needs swim lessons?

Preschool children need swimming lessons to learn safety skills. The most important skill is the "roll over," a skill where your child will learn to float on his/her back and get air. Other skills, such as swimming to the wall in case they accidentally fall into the water, need to be learned as well.

School age children need swim lessons to learn to swim on top of the water. Underwater swimming cannot save your life! Children tire quickly underwater and trying to sustain underwater swimming may even cause a drowning. Learning a good freestyle stroke with proper air exchange will help your child build confidence in the water and may save his/her life.

How long will it take to learn to swim?

The answer to this question depends on your child’s age and level of fitness. It may take twenty or more lessons for preschoolers to learn the basic skills of floating, kicking, rolling over on their back to breathe, float and rest and returning to the wall. Older children learn more quickly and in approximately twenty lessons they will be doing two or more strokes.

What We Have to Offer !

Group Lessons

Our group lessons are offered for children ages three and older. Every level of swimming is offered from the non-swimmer level to the advanced stroke technique classes. Children are placed in groups according to the skill level they have achieved as listed below. Class size is kept small with one or two instructors per group, depending on the ability level.


Level 1

Gradual water adaptation and submersion of the face; introduce bobbing with bubbles and air exchange, kick holding wall and coach

Level 2

Front/back float, glide, recover, independent submersion of the face with bubbles

Level 3

Front/back kick, glide, recover, introduce arm strokes

Level 4

Roll over front/back & back/front; kicking and sculling; freestyle arm stroke

Level 5

Freestyle stroke with lateral breathing, back arm stroke

Level 6

Extended freestyle swims; butterfly arms/swim

Level 7

Breaststroke kick/swim; butterfly arms/swim

Level 8

Freestyle with bilateral breathing; advancement of previously introduced strokes

Level 9 

Swim/tread water/recover; introduce turns

Level 10

Extended swimming & technique refinement in all four strokes and turns


Contact Jill Wilby for more information (352-335-0518).

SAOG operates out of the University of Florida year round and The 300 Club in June and July. The pool at UF is located between the O’Connell Center and the Swim/Dive Office Complex on Stadium Road. Please call us if you have any questions about class times and registration.