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John Hulvey       Head Coach 
Eric Jacob   Head Age Group Coach
Jill Prosinski    Assistant Coach
John Fox   Assistant Coach
Matej Tomas   Assistant Coach
Heather Coutts
Lauren Neidigh
Evan Jacob
  Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach



Senior Zone

10th - College

6-9 practices/week

In this group, swimmers are expected at all practices.  Swimmers will have achieved a minimum of three Summer Sectional cuts to be a part of this group.  Swimmers will have six afternoon practices and three morning practices per week along with a minimum of three dryland sessions per week.

A priority on training is a must, again practice is mandatory without exception.

Senior Sectional

9th-12th Grade

6-8 practices/week



This group is designed for swimmers with Spring Sectional level qualifying times.  Swimmers will be expected to be committed to keeping a minimum of 80% attendance in the group, commit to two morning practices per week, and at least three dryland sessions per week..

Senior State

8th-12th Grade

6 practices/week



Senior Prep

8th - 12th Grade

5 practices/week

This group is for swimmers with Senior Champs level qualifying times (A level or above).  Swimmers should have a minimum of 70% attendance through the season.  Six in water sessions are offered along with three dryland sessions per week.  This group will be our main landing stage for incoming freshmen out of Gold Plus



Swimmers in this group should attend practice a minimum of 60% of the practices.  Swimmers are offered five in water sessions per week as well as two dryland sessions per week.  This is a great bridge group between our age group program and senior program for swimmers that might have joined the sport a bit late.

Gold +

10-14 yrs old

6 practices/week

Gold+ swimmers are required to make a commitment to the sport of swimming.  Swimmers should have achieved state championship (FLAG) times as well as have a strong desire to train and compete in a wide variety of individual events.


9-14 yrs old

6 practices/week

Gold swimmers are well-versed in technique and race strategy. They are also a full-fledged training group. Generally, but not always, they have a skill level commensurate with Florida Age Group time standards. Most of the swimmers in the Gold group are typically between the ages of 9-14 years old.


9-12 yrs old

5 practices/week

These swimmers have started to exhibit good swimming skills. They spend their time equally between stroke technique and training skills. Silver swimmers are offered practices five days a week.

Olympic Development

10 and under

3 practices/week

This is a novice group with a major emphasis on stroke technique. This group will be introduced to low-level competitions. The meet requirement for this group is to attend, one Saturday/Sunday or two one day meets per month. Each competitive season (short course & long course) swimmers shall compete in the highest level meet for which they have qualified. The OD group swimmers swim up to three times per week.


Practice Schedule

High School Season Senior Group Schedule


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