Private Coaching / Video Analysis

Head Coach Ken Cobb offers Private Coaching / Training to select athletes.  This is not a swim lesson program but rather a customized, one-on-one process to accelerate the development of the individual competitive athlete.  This private coaching is best suited for age-group and senior competitive swimmers looking to refine their technique... as well as adult Master's swimmers and open water triathletes looking to improve their stroke mechanics, efficiency and endurance. 

Typical Session Plan:

Step 1: Assess skill level - Review all 4 strokes, turns and racing starts.

Step 2: Introduce drills to address weaknesses or incorrect technique - focus on a progression of drills that work on learning or strengthening the fundamentals of each stroke, turns and racing starts. Concentrate on body and head position and breathing.

Step 3: Build endurance by increasing yards/meters each session.

Step 4: Optional Video Recording above and below water to identify incorrect mechanics with strokes, turns and racing starts.  The videos are reviewed by coach and athlete together and then put in an MP4 file to be given to the athlete.


Session Options:

1 Session - Cost $60

4 Session Package - Cost $195

8  Session Package - Cost $295

2 Session Video & Analysis Only - $125