Children With Challenges








Children With Challenges™ was created through collaboration between USA Swimming® – USA Swimming Foundation – Starfish Aquatic Institute® and The Aquatic Therapy Rehab Institute®.  Lake Mary - Longwood Aquatics offers this program for our disabled and special needs friends.  We have coaches and instructors certified in this highly specialized program.

Our swim coaches and lessons instructors work with children with the following challenges:

  • Physical/Orthopedic
  • Intellectual/Cognitive
  • Developmental Delay
  • Emotional/Behavioral
  • Learning and Processing
  • Sensory Challenges




I am a proud mother to two beautiful sons! They are 15 & 16 years old and they LOVE to swim!!! They are challenged with being on the Autistic Spectrum, (previously known as Aspergers). 

We have discovered that through competitive swimming, they have an individually based physical outlet that allows them to be on a team sport without the social/communicative anxiety. The skilled training of swim strokes allow both sides of the brain to create strength both mentally and physically. 

We are blessed to have learned these skills from Coach Ken! He warmly welcomed my sons to his team while coaching them with his experienced knowledge, positive attitude, kindness and patience.  He was easy to communicate with and always willing to work through any difficult behavioral challenges.

We are honored to have been on Coach Ken's team!  May God continue to bless Coach Ken Cobb and the remarkable work he does!!!

Chandra D. -- Longwood


My children Jacob and Kaelyn are Club Team members of LML. They are 14 years old and love everything about swimming. Kaelyn has been coached by Ken Cobb for the past two years. Her skill and technique has blossomed under his guidance. 

Jacob has a condition called Osteogenesis Imeperfecta aka "Brittle Bones." Swimming is a wonderful form of exercise, as it allows independent movement with little fracture risk. Most people would be scared to death to work with a child whose bones can break for no apparent reason. Ken welcomed Jacob and immediately made Jacob a part of the team. Ken and Jacob work together to adapt the swim instruction to fit Jacob's ability.

Both Jacob and Kaelyn are always eager to attend swim practice and learn from Ken's swimming knowledge. He is an amazing instructor and coach, who leads by example with his never give up attitude.

Cathy G. -- Apopka