LAC By-Laws




Leesburg Aquatics Club, Inc.



Article I. PURPOSE


Section 1.        Leesburg Aquatics Club, Inc., (referred to hereafter as “LAC”) is

organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes and for the purpose of fostering national amateur sports competition within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 or the corresponding provision of any future United States internal revenue law.


Section 2.        The objective shall be to promote and develop an inclusive swimming program for the benefit of swimmers of all ages and abilities in the Leesburg service area (greater north central Lake county area), in accordance with the standards and under the rules established by Florida Swimming Inc. and USA Swimming.  LAC shall educate the public regarding the sport of competitive swimming and how to become a part of the swimming program.


Section 3.        LAC shall be maintained as a club organized as an affiliate of USA Swimming with all rights, obligations and responsibilities included with such membership.




Section 1.        No part of the net earnings of LAC shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, its members, trustees, officers or private persons except that LAC shall be authorized and empowered to make reasonable payments and distributions in furtherance of the organization’s purpose as stated in Article I above.




Section 1.        Active Members shall include any adult who has a participating child, and/or any fee-paying Master swimmer, and whose membership is in good standing.  “Good standing” means that the member is current in paying all fees and expenses required by LAC to be paid.  Each member-family shall be entitled to one (1) vote.


Section 2.        Swimming participants must be capable of swimming 25 yards in a recognized stroke (pass a swim test established by and administered by certified coach) and be in good standing with all fees required by LAC.


Section 3.        The minimum and maximum number of swimmers participating in LAC shall be determined by the Coach(es) and recruitment responsibility shall be shared by the Coach(es), Board of Directors and General Membership.


Section 4.        The duties of the General Membership shall be to support the club in a positive and constructive manner consistent with the aims of LAC and the best interests of all swimmers.  Additionally, General Membership duties shall include, but are not limited to, supporting the coach-athlete relationship, and assisting in various fund-raising activities, including swim meets.


Section 5.        LAC maintains a policy of non-discrimination with regard to membership.  No condition of membership with LAC will be influenced in any manner by race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or any similar factor prohibited by law.




Section 1.        LAC shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) members.  Voting members are: six (6) Active Members as defined in Article III, Section 1 above, up to two (2) of whom may be Masters swimmers, and 4-6 shall be active parent members, and one (1) active member elected by the swimmers/athletes to represent their interests (must be at least 15 years of age or older).  All Board members shall serve until the next annual General Membership meeting, at which a new Board shall be elected.  There is no limitation on the number of years a Board member may serve on the Board, however, so Board members may serve consecutive terms, without limitation.


Section 2.        The six (6) active Master swimmer and/or parent Board members shall all represent the principal pool facility which, at this time, is the Venetian Gardens (Fruitland Park Gardenia Park) pool, if there is only one facility in LAC’s program.  If one or more pool facilities are added to the program, each additional facility shall be represented by at least one of the six Board members, who shall be elected at the next Annual meeting.


Section 3.        The function of the Board of Directors shall be:



A.    To transact the necessary business of LAC.

B.     To establish the philosophy for the competitive swim program.

C.     To prepare annual budgets and develop procedures for the disbursement of funds.

D.    To ensure that LAC has a suitable facility or facilities for training activities and to execute all contracts for the use of such facilities.

E.     To provide registration processing of LAC and individuals with USA Swimming through the collection of fees and processing of appropriate paperwork (forms via an online processing forum).

F.      To collect monthly coaching fees, swim meet fees and carry out other such fiscal responsibilities as are required to operate the Club.

G.    To contract annually with the Head Coach or coaches for LAC.

H.    To provide an annual report to the LAC membership of funds collected and disbursed.

                  I.   To regularly consult with the Head Coach regarding team goals and             objectives, monthly coaching fees, meet schedules and equipment                 requirements.

                  J.   To recommend amendments to these By-Laws as and when required, and present proposed amendments to the General Membership for voting.


Section 4.        Officers shall be elected annually from the elected Board members, by the elected Board members.  Officers shall include:




A.    Chairperson

B.     Vice Chairperson

C.     Secretary

D.    Treasurer


The duties of each officer are summarized in Exhibit (A) attached hereto.


Section 5.        A quorum shall exist when five (5) of the voting Board members are present.


Section 6.        Vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be filled by appointment by majority vote of the remaining Directors.  Candidates shall be selected from the active membership.  Any Director missing three (3) consecutive meetings may be removed from office and the vacancy filled in accordance with the above.


Article V.  MEETINGS


Section 1.        All meetings will be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, with the Chairperson presiding and the Vice Chairperson presiding in the absence of the Chairperson. 


Section 2.        LAC shall have at least one annual General Membership meeting at a date and place to be designated by the Board of Directors.  The primary purpose of the annual General Membership meeting will be to elect a new Board of Directors.  The proposed date and agenda must be approved by the Board at least thirty (30 10) days prior to the proposed meeting.  Special General Membership meetings may be called from time to time by the Chairperson with majority consensus of the Board, or upon written petition of twenty-five percent (25%) of the General Membership.  Amendments to the By-Laws shall require a 2/3 vote of those present at a General Membership meeting.


Section 3.        The Board of Directors shall meet monthly or as agreed upon by the Board.  The time and place of the meeting shall be determined by the Chairperson and must be announced at each pool facility no later than three (3) days prior to the scheduled meeting.  All meetings will be open to the General Membership.


Section 4.        All meetings must be documented with minutes, which must be presented to the Board for correction, if required, and approval at its next regularly scheduled meeting.


Article VI.  VOTING


Section 1.        At all General Membership meetings, motions shall be decided by a majority of the voting membership present except for changes to these

                        By-Laws, which shall require a 2/3 vote, pursuant to Article V, Section 2. above.


Section 2.        At all Board of Directors meetings, motions shall be decided by a simple majority vote of the Directors present, provided the necessary quorum exists.  Written proxies for specific predetermined agenda items will be accepted if submitted to the Chairperson prior to the convening of the meeting.


Section 3.        All votes shall be decided by voice or show of hands unless a written ballot is requested.


Article VII.  Committees


Section 1.        Standing Committees shall be appointed annually from the active General Membership as follows:




A.    Records

B.     Membership/Communication

C.     Social

D.    Officials

E.     Meet Entry and Results


Section 2.         Ad Hoc Committees shall be appointed as the need arises.  They will





A.    Meet Manager

B.     Other Committees as determined by the Board


The duties of each Committee Chairperson are summarized in Exhibit B attached hereto.









The Chairperson shall have responsibility for the affairs of the Corporation, including overall leadership, management, presiding over all meetings of the Board and General Membership in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws.  In addition, the Chairperson shall submit a business plan for adoption no later than the second regularly scheduled meeting of the Board following his or her election.  The business plan will contain: (a) statement of existing financial condition, (b) budget for fiscal year, (c) action plans for each Chairperson(s) and the Head Coach, and (d) specific goals and objectives for his or her term.




In the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice Chairperson shall preside over all meetings, and perform such other duties and responsibilities as designated by the Chairperson.  In addition, the Vice Chairperson shall be responsible for developing a five-year plan for LAC which will be submitted for Board approval no later than sixty days following his or her election.




The Secretary shall attend all regular and special meetings of the Board and take minutes of such meetings.  Minutes shall be submitted for approval at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.  All minutes and correspondence shall be kept well organized and made available to the General Membership upon request.




The Treasurer shall keep financial records of all club receipts and expenditures and provide monthly summary to Board; deliver statements to members as needed; register USA Swimming memberships for club and swimmers, and write checks as needed to state office; prepare 1099s for coaches as needed; obtain co-signature of either Chairperson and or Secretary on all checks; and provide names of new members to Secretary for roster.










Shall have overall responsibility for organizing and managing all meets sponsored by LAC in accordance with Board of Director guidelines as well as Florida Swimming and USS rules and regulations.  The Meet Manager will establish, supervise, and provide overall leadership to the various committees required, and will report the results of the meet to the Board of Directors at the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors meeting following completion of the meet.  It will also be the responsibility of the Meet Manager to recommend subsequent meet dates to the Board, and following approval, insure that such dates are appropriately and timely communicated to Florida Swimming.




Shall be responsible for procuring US Swimming cards for the swimmers, signing-up swimmers for meets, getting the entries to the away meet chairman on time, and maintaining official team results.  The Head Coach(es) will furnish all entry information.

(The records are maintained by USA Swimming, and are available via our online web platform or the USAS database.  The Head Coach has the responsibility of registering new swimmers and submitting meet entries, all of which are done via the online web platform)




Shall be responsible for recruiting new members, including membership campaigns at all pool facilities.  Shall also be responsible for the dissemination of all relevant information to the General Membership either through written newsletters, telephone committees, etc. as well as the introduction of new parents to the General Membership and explaining the club organization.




Shall be responsible for all social functions, setting dates, places, organizing, etc. for all team social functions.