Financial Obligations


Recurring Charges: Coaching Fees / Monthly Dues

Monthly fees are collected on the 1st day of  each month. Accepted credit cards on the Team Unify website are: Visa, MasterCard, Discover. MCDA can also accept American Express as well but we will need to fill out  a credit card authorization form.  Coaching fees are assessed monthly and auto-billed to your team account. 

Monthly Group Fees:

Pathways: $120/month

Bronze: $130/month

Silver: $140/month

Gold: $150/month

Senior Development: $160/month

Senior Elite: $170/month

  • Group Advancement - If a swimmer is moved to a different practice group in the middle of a month, the family will be billed the amount of the new group dues on their next billing cycle.
  • Pro-Rating - If a swimmer participates during any part of the month span, the full month’s dues must be paid.  MCDA does not prorate dues UNLESS the child joins part-way through the session.
  • Refunds - New swimmers are eligible for a refund of coaching fees, within a one week trial period, if they choose not to continue with the program. For a refund to be processed a notice of cancelation in writing is required within the one week trial period.  No refunds will be given for lack of participation and or it a swimmer decides to quit in the middle of a month.
Additional Non-Recurring Charges

‚ÄčAnnual USA Swimming Registration Fee

A non-refundable annual registration fee of $85 is required for each team member upon registration. This annual registration covers the athletes from January 1st through December 31st. The registration fee covers a swimmer’s Florida Gold Coast and USA Swimming registration, membership and insurance. New swimmers may register at any time during the season. The amount is not pro-rated and is mandatory.

Meet Fees

You will be billed meet fees for each meet in which your swimmer participates. For typical regular season meets, you can expect to be charged $3.50-$5.00 per swim depending on the meet entered. In most meets, swimmers can swim three to five events per day. Many meets also have an athlete facility use fee of $5.00-$9.00 per meet. MCDA assesses a team surcharge for meet participation to pay for expenses incurred by the team for coach staffing, travel and related administrative costs. The MCDA surcharge is $5 per swimmer for Sizzler meets, $10.00 per swimmer for local meets and $15.00 per swimmer for championships and travel meets.

For example, the information below details the costs for participation in a typical meet, such as a Florida Gold Coast regular season invitational:

                            Athlete facility use fee $5.00

                            MCDA Team surcharge $10.00

                            Saturday – 4 events x $3.00 per event $12.00

                            Sunday – 4 events x $3.00 per event $12.00

                            Total Meet Fees $39.00

MCDA  Special Events

Intrasquads, mini meets, theme meets or special MCDA parties, hosted by MCDA for MCDA athletes and families only, involve a flat fee of $10.00 for participation.

Swim Shop

MCDA operates a swim shop, with team suits, practice suits, caps, t-shirts, goggles and other equipment. Please contact us ahead of time and we will have items ready for the swimmer before practice and can bill to your team account. This will help us and your swimmer get the most out of practice! You may email [email protected] for the items needed or any special orders for purchase.

  • Required Equipment and Apparel – If the swimmer does not have the required items to participate in practice, he/she will be provided the items and the account will be billed accordingly.
  • Special Equipment - From time to time, some training groups require special equipment, educational material or other items, as determined by the group coach. The need for such items will be communicated to the swimmer’s family, distributed by the coach, and billed to the family account.

Championship Meet or Special Event T-Shirts

The team will supply championship meet t-shirts for qualifying swimmers, or special event t-shirts for the team or certain groups. This information will be communicated to families beforehand, and any associated cost will be billed to the family account.

Late Fees

After 45 days of delinquency, accounts are subject to a $35 late fee that will be posted monthly till the account is brought current. Such non-recurring charges are billed monthly and are due on the 1st of the following month.




All billing is done online through your team account. On the 1st of every month the team management system will automatically generate your invoice for the current month. Payments on this invoice are due by the 5th of the month.  The invoice will detail recurring fees e.g., coaching fees – Pathways ($120), Bronze ($130), Silver ($140), Gold ($150), Senior Development ($160) or Senior Elite ($170), Water Polo ($125 per month).  The invoice will also detail non-recurring fees (e.g., team apparel/equipment, meet entry fees, etc.).  Swim School packages will be billed according to the package purchased and as a group or individual lessons.


Payments can be made online through your MCDA account and your debit card/credit card/ACH payment method can be updated and stored for the reoccurring charges. Monthly fees are collected on the 1st day of every month.  Accounts are automatically billed.  All team accounts are required to have a debit card/credit card/ACH on file. If you would like to pre-pay with a check or American Express you may do so prior to the beginning of the new month.  NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Delinquent Accounts & Late Fees

If accounts are 45 days delinquent the swimmer will no longer be permitted to participate in any aspect of the program, including practices, meets or other club functions. No swimmer will be entered in a meet or tournament if the family’s account is not current. After 45 days, the account is subject to a $35 late fee for each month that the balance continues to be delinquent.

Suspension or Cancelation of Team Membership

If you would like to suspend or cancel your team membership, please do so in writing or via email to [email protected] .  If a swimmer or water polo player opts not to participate in the next month, we must receive notification in writing/email 10 days prior to the beginning of the upcoming month to terminate reoccurring charges. There will not be any credits or refunds given.  There are no refunds given to accounts of swimmers who have quit mid way through a month.

Schedule an appointment or come by the aquatics office

If you have questions about your account, billing and specific charges assessed to your account email is always the best way to start the communication. Sometimes in person is easiest and best and in that case it is best to schedule an appointment to do so. We are typically in the office during school hours and have some availability for meetings in the afternoon/evenings but request an appointment or a heads up before coming by to be able to give you great service without taking away from our swimmers. The hours of 2pm-7pm are our busiest coaching times and we devote our time to the swimmers. In order for us to give our attention to the swimmers and to be able to give you our full attention and service we request to please refrain from lengthy discussions during those times.