Tech Suit Policy


Tech Suits – We want to remind/inform all MCDA families that our swimmers will only be allowed to compete in tech suits in the following meets:

  • All championship meets (including open water)

  • Other non-championship meets: case-by-case basis for swimmers who are trying to achieve specific cuts. The swimmer is required to communicate with his/her coach prior to the meet to discuss the reasons for wearing a tech suit at this meet.

This policy is in place for the following reasons:

  1. MCDA swimmers should be confident competing in meets without these suits. Our swimmers shouldn't feel like they can only swim fast in tech suits.

  2. We want to “save” these suits and their benefits for our championship meets and our more competitive non-championship meets. When swimmers wear these suits all season, it diminishes the benefit (this is especially true for females).

  3. We want to remove some of the pressure that our swimmers feel to be in these suits all season. Some swimmers feel like they have to be in these suits unnecessarily simply because other swimmers are wearing them.

  4. We want to save our parents some money. These suits are expensive, and none of our families should have to purchase more than one tech suit each year.

  5. We want to keep taking steps to help our team get better. The best teams in the country don’t “suit up” all season long.

Please feel free to wear our team suits, or any solid navy or red suit to any of our meets. Thanks!


USA Swimming Rule Change Notice:

USA Swimming recently passed a rule that will restrict 12 & Under swimmers from wearing technical suits in any swimming competition, with the exception of top-tier competition (i.e. USA Swimming Champion Series events and higher). This rule will go into effect on September 1, 2020.