Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Me

Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Meets:

What should I bring to a meet?

• Pop up tent to sit under- It gets hot and you need shade • Chairs and blankets to sit on • Things to entertain your children while they are waiting for their event • Cooler with water, Gatorade, healthy snacks • Sunscreen and Bug Spray • Towels • Your own printed Heat Sheet- Found on the team website under the Events tab of that swim meet • Extra goggles- They tend to break! • Coach Shannon has extra caps for sale • Cash for Food Trucks or Concessions • Sharpie Markers to write on your child

*** Please note that the bleacher space is for watching your children swim their event, it is not intended to be used as a place to sit for the entire meet.

What do I write on my child?
It is also helpful to have your child’s events written on their arm.  (Event, Heat, Lane) I.E.:
4 1 3 
This helps the lane timers, ready bench and volunteers know who your child is.  

Where do I go when I get to a swim meet?
Teams typically try to sit together, but it is not required.

Once you get your things dropped off in Tent City, please find the check in table and check in your swimmer(s) and yourself if you are volunteer.  Swimmer not checked in could get bumped from a relay.  Volunteers not checked in will not get credit for the volunteer spot.

What time should I get there?
Coach Shannon will send out warm up times via email for each age group before a swim meet, please pay attention to your email.  

What if we can’t make a swim meet we are already committed to?
If something comes up and you cannot make it to a swim meet you are committed to, please let Coach Shannon know as soon as you can.  Swimmers not showing up, affects the relays.  If you have signed up for a volunteer slot, please find a replacement and email the volunteer coordinator.  

What if we need to leave early?
If you need to leave a meet early, please let Coach Shannon know as soon as possible so she can make arrangements for relays.  

As soon as your swimmer(s) has finished their last event and you finished your volunteer slot, you are free to leave.  Please clean up your mess and put any trash in the trash cans. 

Can I take video’s or photos of my child swimming?
Yes, as long as it is not from the start end of the pool.  This is a SJSSL rule to protect your children and their backsides from being in photos or videos.  

Can I stand behind the block with my child?
No, parents are not allowed behind the block with their children.  Parents are not allowed in the roped off areas. 

Does my child have to go off the block?
No, children are allowed to start on the side of the pool or even in the water if they would like to.  They do not have to start on the block.

What if my child gets disqualified?
Please talk to your coach if your child was disqualified during the swim.  The stroke and turn judges cannot talk to you about your child’s swim or a disqualification.  

When do we get our ribbons from the swim meet?
At the next home swim meet, there will be bins with folders that contain ribbons.  The folders are labeled with you FAMILY name.  Please look in those folders for your ribbons.  If something is missing, please let us know.  

How do I sign up for a volunteer spot?
All job sign ups for the swim meets are usually available 2 weeks before a swim meet.  They are located on the Events tab of the swim team website and on that specific swim meet.  These sign ups are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.  An email is sent out once the job sign ups have been released.  We have a lot of opportunities for volunteering, please don’t panic if you can’t find a slot.  Simply ask if there is somewhere you can help. 

Will there be an end of summer party?
Yes, we are still working out the details for this event.  We could really use someone to help coordinate this fun event.  This is when your children receive all their ribbons and trophy (if applicable by age).  Please contact the volunteer coordinator if you would like to help with this event.  
Please remember that we are all volunteers during the swim meet, no one has a paid position, other than the coaches. Please be patient, a lot of these volunteers are in new positions.