Patriot Aquatics/Lake Brantley Hall Of Fame

A Hall of Fame has been established for outstanding members of Patriot Aquatics and Lake Brantley High School . It is located on the conference room adjacent to the pool office.


Parents are invited to use the conference room/ Hall of Fame as a lounge during practice hours. Athletes are not allowed in the room unless accompanied by a Coach.


Please visit out Hall of Fame as we recognize our High School State Champions, record Holder, and All Americans as well as out Junior National, Senior National, and Olympic Trail Qualifiers, Finalist, and Champions. Also, we have added to our resume a 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist (Brad Bridgewater 200m Backstroke). We want all of our team members to develop a sense of Pride in knowing that they are part of a great tradition.

Over the past ten years, Patriot Aquatics swimmers have achieved the following:

Ø       Age Group Top 10 National Swimmers

Ø       State Age Group and Senior Record Holders

Ø       Florida Junior Olympic Championship

Ø       Top three finish at the Junior Nationals

Ø       State High School and Individuals State Champions

Ø       High –School All-Americans

Ø       Junior National Finalist & Champions

Ø       Senior National Top 10 & Champion

Ø       Olympic Trial Qualifiers & Finalist

Ø       Olympic Trial Qualifiers & Finalist

Ø       Olympic Festival Contestants

Ø       U.S. National Team Members

Ø       College Scholarship Athletes


We take pride in the outstanding accomplishments of some of our past swimmers. However, we continue to strive to help our athletes achieve more in the present and future.