Frequently Asked Questions

We have accumulated some of the most frequent questions that we get in order to help you in your decision to swim with Patriot Aquatics. Hopefully you will find these helpful but if you have other questions please feel free to contact our office or send us an email. We look forward to talking with you again soon.

Q. Q: Why should my child swim?

There are many benefits to getting your child involved in competitive swimming, including:

                                Swimming promotes physical development.

Swimming develops aerobic endurance and is one of the most beneficial forms of cardiovascular exercise.

                                 Swimming enhances a child’s natural flexibility and promotes muscle development.

                                Swimming develops superior coordination.

                                Swimming is the most injury-free of all children’s sports.

                                Swimming is a sport that will bring children fitness and enjoyment for life.

                                Swimming promotes time management and is one of the top academically achieving sports.

                                Swimming is an important safety skill for young children.

Q. Will my child have to practice everyday? I have heard that swimmers practice everyday and my child doesn’t want to make that kind of a commitment.

A. No. While swimmers that are older and that have been swimming for years do put in more training days, it is recommended that our younger swimmers that are just starting out should come to practice two or three days a week so that they can participate in other activities as well. As they get older and it is a sport they enjoy and want to make the commitment to then the practice days increase but this happens at a gradual progression.

Q. Do we have to go to swim meets every weekend?

A. No. We only recommend that a swimmer participate in approximately one meet per month, depending on their groups meet schedule. We make a schedule each season with mostly local meets, especially for our younger swimmers. 

Q. Does my swimmer have to be a real good swimmer to swim for Patriot Aquatics?

A. No. The way that Patriot Aquatics program/group structure is set up allows for children of all ages and abilities to grow and develop at their own pace. When a swimmer comes into the program the first thing that we do is evaluate their strokes so that they are placed into the proper group for their ability and age(they must be able to at least swim 25yds of freestyle unassisted). As they develop they get promoted to higher groups that will challenge them to develop and learn more about the sport.

Q. It says that Patriot Aquatics is a year round swimming team, does that mean we have to commit to the entire year?

A. No. Your child can leave the program at any time during the year with proper notice given.  We do recommend that children complete a season prior to taking any kind of break.

Q. What are the seasons for swimming?

A. Swimming is divided into 3 different seasons.  The first 2 are considered short course (competitions in a 25 yard pool) and run late-August through mid-December and then mid-December through March.  The 3rd season is long course (competitions in a 50 meter pool for experienced swimmers) and runs late-March through mid-August. 

Q. Can my swimmer play another sport and still swim?

Yes. We have some swimmers who play another sport and keep coming to swim practice. Sometimes they just come to fewer practices, and some take a break altogether. We actually recommend that our younger swimmers participate in other activities and sports so that when they are older and choose to focus on swimming they know for sure that swimming is really the sport they want to focus on.

Q. Are there options to swim non-competitive? (not swim in meets) 

Patriot Aquatics is a competitive swim team. We understand that some swimmers may not feel comfortable swimming in meets, but the swimmers practice hard and the meets are a lot of fun and and are excellent milestones to mark progress. There are lots of rewards for swimmers of all levels, ranging from steady improvements in their best times, to racing with friends in relays.

Q. Do we have to pay for swim meets?

Yes.  Each of the meets that we attend have fees associated with them. The fees vary depending on the type of meet as well as the number of days and events the swimmers are allowed to compete in.  Typically meets cost between $20 and $50 per swimmer. 

Q. How do I pay my account?

Program Fees are billed to your Team Account on the 1st of each month.   Accounts must be paid by Credit Card, or ACH (e-check).