Masters Team at Westmonte


Team Information


Masters Swimming is for beginners, former competitive swimmers, and tri-athletes ages 18 years old and up. 


Cost: $39/month-includes 6:00 am to 7:15 am (Tuesday, Thursday)

Location: Westmonte Recreation Center

All swimmers must be a member of the AAU. Please see information below on how to sign-up.  


AAU Membership:

We are requiring everyone who wishes to swim on the Patriot Aquatics Masters Team to join the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) for insurance purposes.  The cost is $14 per year and you can register online by going to The membership year for AAU runs September 1 to August 31.  You can also pay $28 for 2 years of AAU membership on this website.  Once you go to their website to register, please use our club code, WYYY64, in order for your membership to be connected to the correct club for insurance purposes.  YOU MUST USE THIS CODE!


**You will not be able to swim if your registration is not current.  Please e-mail your receipt/registration card to