Summer Lessons



2009 - 2010  AmberJax

 Swim Lesson Program 

“Where your children learn a life-long lesson”


*      Individualized group swim lessons for children ages 3 and older, covering all skill levels

*      Parent-Infant classes available

*      Children will learn water safety techniques and survival skills

*      Enables your child to develop a love for the water in a positive and upbeat environment  

Available all year long - call for details

  •  Classes are scheduled ever 1/2 hour (25 minute class)
  • Weather Policy:  Always come to the pool!  We teach in the rain, but not in the lightening.  A storm on your side of town does not mean it’s storming at the AmberJax pool.  If a lesson has to be canceled the make up day will be Friday.
  • Payment is required in full to secure your space.  Please make checks payable to the Episcopal AmberJax, 4455 Atlantic Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida 32207 

Level 1: Gradual water adaptation and submersion of the face; introduce blowing
             bubbles and air exchange; kick holding wall or instructor
Level 2: Front/back float, glide, recover, submersion of the face with bubbles
Level 3: Front/back kick, glide, recover, an introduce arm strokes
Level 4: Roll over front/back and back/front, kicking and sculling; freestyle arm stroke
Level 5: Freestyle stroke with lateral breathing, back arm stroke
Level 6: Extended freestyle swims; butterfly arms/swim
Level 7: Breaststroke kick/swim; butterfly arms/swim
Level 8: Freestyle with bilateral breathing; advancement of previously introduced strokes
Level 9: Swim/tread water/ recover; introduce turns
Level 10: Extended swimming and technique refinement all four strokes and turns

 If you have any questions, please call AmberJax Swim Office (Susan Schuster) at 396-5751 ext.1608  or  [email protected]