Silver Group

Silver Group

The Silver Group’s purpose is to promote
physical fitness, encourage team involvement, and foster self-discipline and confidence through a competitive swimming experience.

Silver group coaches focus on self-improvement. Swimmers in this group will continue to develop their stroke technique and competitive skills while demonstrating a consistent positive
attitude and training habits.

Silver swimmers will get out of the program what they put into it. Goals and the commitment to goals provide silver swimmers with the opportunity and environment to reach mental and physical excellence. Focus is on the technique of all four strokes, as well as dives and turns. Swimmers will be encouraged to attend all the practices.

Our group is a family made up of individuals, each with unique talents, working and playing together for both a common and individual purpose.  


Practice is offered 6 times a week for 1 hour and 45 minutes, with an attendance goal of 4 or 5 practices a week. 



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