Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming

The Episcopal AmberJax Masters team is made up of all levels of swimmers, from beginners to elite. We have athletes that compete in swim meets and triathlons, as well as people who swim just for the benefit of personal fitness. Adult swimmers of any ability, age 18 and over, are welcome to join our club! 

In our Masters program, coaches work to develop and improve members' swimming technique, endurance and strength through instruction and organized training. We work with people's individual goals so that each team member can get what they need from our program. We also believe that having fun is just as important! 

We are constantly growing and training swimmers to maintain a well-rounded swim team. We offer a free week trial for those swimmers that are thinking about joining our program. Please contact us with any questions you may have at
(904) 396-5752 x 1643 or send us an email here.


Joining Episcopal AmberJax Masters Swimming

The Masters Training Group is open to any adult swimmer age 18 or older. You must be a member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS). To register, please visit and choose Holmes Lumber Jax (HLJ) as your swim club. The Masters Training Group works out at the Semmes Aquatic Center on the Episcopal School of Jacksonville's campus. Masters swimmers visiting the area are welcome to train with us as well, but please bring proof of your USMS registration.


  • Masters Swimming Dues are: $35/month, $115/season (due at the beginning of the season), or $320/year (due Jan 1st).
  • Fees are paid in advance for the month, season or year.
  • Masters swimmers must be registered with both USMS under Holmes Lumber Jax and with the Episcopal AmberJax through TeamUnify.
  • Billing is processed through and payments may be paid online by credit card or bank draft, or paid by check in person.


  • Fall:           August - November
  • Winter:      December - March
  • Summer:   April - July

Practice Schedule: Please see the Resources Tab