Practice Info

Practice Information

Training Equipment
CVST swimmers are required to have certain training equipment depending which practice groups they swim with.  Click Here  for more information and to go to the CVST Swim Shop Page where you can get all of the information.

There is nothing more disruptive to a coach and his workout organization than to have swimmers entering the workout late.  Please do all that you can to be on time and in the water at the time the workout is scheduled to begin (swimmers who are late for a practice may not be allowed to swim that day).  Also it is very important that parents are prompt when picking their swimmer(s) up after practice.  The Coaching Staff is busy coaching and not available to chaperone and baby-sit.  As a rule, swimmers should arrive at the pool no earlier than ten minutes prior to a practice and should be picked up no later than ten minutes after a practice.

Illness & Injury 
If a swimmer is ill or injured and cannot attend a workout, it is his/her responsibility to call the pool/Coach and advise the Coaching Staff prior to that practice.  The pool has voice-mail, so you can leave a message if you can not reach the Coaching Staff (Do not use e-mail for this purpose).

Vacation Policy
Anyone planning a vacation must notify the Coaching Staff if the dates in advance and in writing.  This is a great help to the staff.  All too often an entire family will disappear without notifying the Coaching Staff, and we naturally assume the swimmers have quit for some reason.  Parents are asked to try to schedule around team and championship meets.  Please be sure to check all meet dates before scheduling vacations. 

Parents At Workouts
To avoid distractions to the swimmers and Coaches while in practice, parents are not allowed on the deck during practices.  Parents may observe practice from the tented area at the east end of the pool area.  If you would like to discuss the progress of your child, please contact your child’s Coach to set up an appointment.  Meetings will be scheduled at a convenient time for the Coach and parent, but they will not be scheduled to take place during practice time. 

General Practice Rules
1    Remember that we are guests of the facility we are using.  Act accordingly:
        No running
        No balls allowed on the deck, in the locker rooms, or in the parking lots.
        Stay out of the bushes and off the walls.
        No food allowed in the locker rooms.
        Be on your best behavior at all times.
2     Bring and take home your practice equipment every day.
3     Put your name on your equipment.  You are responsible to have your own  equipment at every practice.
4     Do not get in the water until your Coach tells you to.  Wait patiently for practice to begin.
5     Enter and exit the pool area from assigned entrance.  Practices are closed to all spectators unless the Coaching      
       Staff grants prior permission.
6     Notify the Coaching Staff if you are going to miss any practices.  This should be done before missing any practices,
       however there is voice mail to l eave messages if you have to miss and cannot let the Coaches know ahead of time. 
       Please do not use e-mail for this purpose.
7     All swimmers must remain inside the pool area from the time they are dropped off for practice, until their parents
       arrive to pick them up after  practice.  Parents should drop swimmers off no earlier than 10 minutes before practice
       and should pick them up no later than 10 minutes after  practice.
8     Check your CVST Mail Box and the CVST Web Site regularly for important team information.
9     Swimmers are not permitted in the Pool Office.
10    Practice Rules:
         Be ready to start practice on time with suits, caps, goggles and equipment.
         Pay attention to your coach.  Allow others to pay attention too.
         Help your teammates.
         If you have a question, ask your Coach.
         Ask permission if you have to leave the pool for any reason (bathroom, water  fountain, etc.).
         Swim all strokes legally and do all turns properly.
         Do not stop or interfere with your teammates during sets.
         Pick up after yourself (ie. equipment, water bottles, trash)
If there are any questions or don’t feel you can abide by these rules, see your Coach immediately!


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