NEW! Fall Swim Lessons

Fall Lessons

The Swim America lesson program was developed by the American Swim Coaches Association in order to provide the finest learn-to-swim progression in the world. It is a “technique oriented” and “goal driven” program based on a station teaching method.  There are 10 stations or graduation points designed to reward the child at every phase of the lesson progression.  In addition, we strive to teach proper stroke techniques from the beginning. Our lesson supervisor is on the deck during the lesson program for you to discuss your child’s improvement and to insure the efficient progress of each session.   The Swim America Lesson program is run both as an adjunct or feeder program to Silver Hawk Aquatics and as a service to the community.


Morning lessons will be four 15 minute lesson in one week.

Evening lessons will be four 20 minutes lessons over a two week session.

Cost: $55 per session

Please click HERE for the registration form.


Morning Schedule:

9:00, 9:15, 9:30, 9:45

Session 1:            M/T/W/R  August 21-24

Session 2:            M/T/W/R  August 28-31

Session 3:            T/W/R/F  Sept 5-8

Session 4:            M/T/W/R  Sept 11-14

Session 5:            M/T/W/R  Sept 18-21

Session 6:            M/T/W/R  Sept 25-28


Evening Schedule:

4:00, 4:20, 4:40, 5:00, 5:20, 5:40, 6:00, 6:20, 6:40

Session 1A:         M Aug 21, W Aug 23, M Aug 28, W Aug 30
Session 1B:         T Aug 22, Th Aug 24, T Aug 29, F Sept 1


Session 2A:         W Sept 6, F Sept 8, M Sept 11, W Sept 13
Session 2B:          T Sept 5, Th Sept 7, T Sept 12, Th Sept 14


Session 3A:         M Sept 18, W Sept 20, M Sept 25, W Sept 27
Session 3B:         T Sept 19, Th Sept 21, T Sept 26, Th Sept 28


Session 4A:         M Oct 2, W Oct 4, M Oct 9, W Oct 11
Session 4B:         T Oct 3, Th Oct 5, T Oct 10, Th Oct 12