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Frequently Asked Questions


This page has been created in order to better facilitate common questions regarding the team and some of it’s policies.  This page is great for new and veteran parents and swimmers alike.  If you have a question that is not covered on this page, please forward your question to Coach John at




  1. General Questions
  2. Practice 
  3. Swim Meets
  4. Coaches, Parents, Swimmers




  1. General Questions


  • Who can answer my questions about the swim team?
    • We hope that through the FAQ section most of your questions can be answered.  If not, questions regarding billing/online account management and team policy should be sent directly to Coach John.  Questions about schedules, practices, and meets can be asked directly to your swimmers group coach.


  • What are the requirements to join Storm Swim Club?  What are the skills that my child should have?
    • The minimum age to join Storm is SIX (6) years of age.  Swimmers wishing to join the team must be able to swim the length of the pool (25 yards) of front crawl (freestyle) with side breathing and also a length of the pool backstroke without stopping or using the lane lines to enter the Novice Group.


  • My child cannot currently swim or cannot currently meet the requirement to join Storm.  What kind of assistance can Storm give us?
    • Storm does not currently offer a learn to swim class.  Stroke mechanics and private lessons are available through staff.  Inquiries into private lessons can be sent to any of the Storm coaching staff.


  • What swimming strokes should my child know in order to join Storm?
    • The requirements vary by groups.  The minimum requirement for our youngest group is a length of the pool freestyle and backstroke.  An evaluation must be set up prior to registration to establish which group your swimmer would place within the Storm program.  Evaluations can be set up through Coach John.


  • Does my child need to wear a team suit during practice?  During a meet?  What about team caps?
    • At practice we do not require that a swimmer wears a team suit, but they must wear a Storm team cap if they elect to wear a cap.  Swimmers with long hair must wear a team cap.  At a meet swimmers are not required to wear a team suit, but they are asked to wear a properly/tight fitting suit.  All swimmers in competition must wear a Storm team cap if they are wearing a cap (no technical caps, etc).  Team caps may be purchased from any of the Storm coaches.


  • What equipment should my child have?  Do they need to bring their equipment to practice everyday? 
    • Required equipment varies by group.  A list of required equipment can be found on the website under the Practice Group page.  All swimmers with long hair, regardless of gender, are required to wear a team cap during practice.  All swimmers are also required to have goggles and a competitive style racing swim suit on.  All other specific equipment can be found in the Practice Group page.  Required equipment is just that, REQUIRED, every day.  Swimmers repeatedly without equipment will be given other assignments until proper equipment is brought to practice.


  • Is there team apparel and merchandise available for purchase?
    • Yes, we have a variety of merchandise available for purchase in the Storm Website.  We will periodically have group orders for equipment, custom gear, and custom named caps.  These group purchases will not happen frequently, so for custom gear please make sure you purchase if you have interest.


  • What are the montly/yearly fees associated with Storm?
    • Monthly Dues: $50.00 - 120.00 depending on the practice group your swimmer is in
    • Annual Registration Fee: $250.00 per family
    • USA Swimming Registration Fee: $60-65.00 per swimmer (rates increase yearly by USA)
    • Swim Meet Entry Fees: Typcially $20-30 per meet per swimmer (varies by the type of meet and number of events swum)


  • How are monthly dues paid?
    • Invoices are emailed out on the 1st of every month.  Payment is due by the 6th of each month in order to avoid a $20 late fee.  A credit card must be on file with your account.  We accept cash, personal checks made payable to ‘Storm Swim Club, LLC’, prior to the 1st of every month.  If paid in this method, your credit card will not be charged unless their is a ba


  • Do I pay each month or can I prepay for multiple months?
    • All accounts are set up for a monthly billing cycle.  You can prepay multiple months in advance and a credit can be established on your account.  


  • What kind of pool does Storm utilize?
    • Storm has use of an eight lane short course twenty-five yard pool at Mandarin High School.


II. Practice


  • How often and when is practice?
    • Storm practices year round; in the rain, snow, hot, and cold.  We practice Monday through Saturday.  The hours of practice depend on which group your swimmer is in.  The group practice schedule can be found under the Practice Groups tab on the team website.  There are different practice schedules depending on the time of year; a High School Season Schedule (Aug-Oct), an In-School Season Schedule (Nov-May), and a Summer Schedule (June-July).  Any additional changes for holidays will be posted on the team website.
    • The practice schedule has been designed by the coaches in length and in frequency (number of practices per week) to best maximize effective learning and progress of each swimmer.  We highly encourage simmers in their groups to adhere to their practice schedule without interruption.  Under the Practice Groups page there is a break down of the attendance expectations for each group.  Swimmers need to adhere to their current groups practice and meet expectations in order to be considered for a move up to the next practice group.


  • Should I stay and watch swim practice?
    • If you would like to stay and watch your child swim you are more than welcome.  We ask that you do not sit or stand where your presence will be a distraction to your swimmer or the coaches during practice.  Spectating areas outside of the entrance to the pool on the benches as well as the bleachers on the side closest to the gymnasium are acceptable areas, but please be aware of your swimmers attention.  If you swimmer is distracted by your presence they are not paying attention to the coaches instructions.
    • If you have any questions of a coach please refrain from asking during practice.  After practice, if you have a quick question, feel free to ask your child’s coach.  If you have multiple questions or can anticipate that your question may last more than a few minutes, please set up a meeting with your child’s coach.


  • How do I find out if practice is canceled?
    • It is EXTREMELY rare for practice to be canceled due to weather.  If we do preemptively cancel practice due to weather we will post to our team website as well as email to all affected practice groups.  Practices canceled due to meet schedule conflicts, holidays, or team breaks will be posted in advance on the team website and on the calendar.  Email reminders will also be utilized to communicated changes in schedule.


  • What is the thunderstorm policy for Storm?
    • The Storm Coaching Staff is very aware of the dangerous weather that can come with weather systems in Florida.  We utilize technology as well as common sense in our lightning policy.  If lightning is inside of ten mile radius of our pool we will exit until the storm is a safe distance away from our location.  The team will conduct dry land exercise until we can reenter the pool or we are inside thirty minutes remaining of practice.  If we do not have thirty minutes of practice remaining and we are still not anticipating getting back into the pool, swimmers will be dismissed.  


  • Does the team practice year round?
    • Yes, Storm practices year round with the exception of a week off during spring break and a break in August at the conclusion of summer Area 1&4 Meet.  During the winter months the pool is heated into the 80s.


  • Who do I notify if my swimmer will be missing practice for a prolonged period of time?
    • Please send an email to your swimmers coach regarding any prolonged (more than just a couple days) absence due to illness, injury, vacation, etc.


  • What are the different practice groups and what are their defining skill levels?
    • TBA



III. Swim Meets


  • What is a swim meet and how many are there?
    • A swim meet is the competitive side of the sport of swimming.  Storm Swim Club (STORM) is a competitive swim team, so our swimmers need to compete!  There are an average of two meets per month that Storm will compete in, however, not every meet is for every swimmer.  Some meets have specific qualifying times that swimmers need to have in order to compete in.  Under the Swim Meets tab of the team website you can find a list of meets that SPAC will be competing in.  Under each meet you will see an event description that will help define which swimmers can compete in the meet.  This will be supplemented via team newsletters which will outline which meets are important to each Practice Group.


  • How do I register for a swim meet?

    1.    Go to

    2.    Log in with your log-in email and password.

    3.    Click on 'Meet Schedule' from the Top Menu Bar.

    4.    Find the meet you wish to commit to and click 'Attend this Event'.

    5.    Confirm 'Yes My Swimmer Will Attend' in the drop down menu.

    6.    A new drop down menu will appear once you have selected 'Yes'.

    7.    In this new drop down menu, select which Days/Sessions your swimmer will be available to attend.  We ask that unless you cannot be physically present at the meet, early/late distance sessions are also selected.  The coaches may or may not elect to have your swimmer participate in the distance session but they will know you are available!

    8.    Click 'Save Changes' at the bottom.  A MUST!!!!

    9.    Repeat steps 5-8 for additional swimmers.

    10.    The coaching staff will then enter each swimmer in events determined to best correspond with the needs of the swimmer, the direction of the training cycle, and what the coaches believe is in the best interest of each individual swimmer.  Coaches will send out an entry list for all swimmers in the meet after the registration deadline has passed.  You may log in to view your entered events and click 'Edit Commitment' next to the event.

    11.    After you receive the entry list from the coaches please look over the entries.  If you notice that you are entered in a day that is incorrect, or a session you did not sign up for, you generally have 24-48 hours to get in touch with your swimmers coach to make the correction before we submit entries to the meet host.  Once entries are submitted to the meet host, all entries are final.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO LOOK OVER THE EVENT LIST THE DAY IT IS RECEIVED.


  • What can I do to help prepare my child for the meet?
    • Swimmers should have a healthy diet going on a daily basis but it is especially important prior to competition.  A good night of sleep prior to competition and being overly hydrated are all advantages to your swimmer.  Get your swimmer to the pool at least fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled warmup time so you can get settled and your swimmer will know where to find you.  Arriving late to warmups and dropping your swimmer off in the nick-of-time for warmups creates a stressful atmosphere for your swimmer.  Not getting an adequate warmup places physical and additional mental stress on your swimmer.  Please be on time.  Remind your swimmer to see their coach before and after the race, keep them hydrated, don’t feed them sugar, and keep them overly warm.  These are all excellent ways to help your child achieve success and have a fun meet experience!


  • How much does it cost to enter a meet?
    • Fees vary meet to meet but a typical meet carries a $7.50 swimmer fee, and then $3.00 per event your swimmer is entered in.  Typically a one day meet runs around $15.00 while a three day meet will rund $30.00-45.00.  All meet fees will be added to your monthly billing statement.


  • If my swimmer misses the meet can we be reimbursed the meet entry fees?
    • If the meet registration deadline has not passed you may withdrawal your swimmer by clicking ‘Edit Commitment’ while logged in on the team website.  Be sure to click ‘Save Changes’.  Once the coaches have submitted entries to the host team there will be no way to change your swimmers commitment to the meet, so swim or not the meet fees will be owed.  


  • When should we be there the day of the meet?
    • For each meet the Storm Coaching Staff will email out all the details of warm up times and meet information the week of the swim meet.  In general, we ask that you arrive with enough time to set up with the team and then be prompt to warm ups.  This should take only fifteen minutes to do.


  • How long are we expected to stay at the swim meet?
    • You are not required to stay past your last event at the meet.  However, we do ask that you speak with a coach to check and see if you are needed on a relay team before you leave.  Also, if you can stay we encourage our swimmers to support their teammates who have not finished swimming.


  • How do the age groups work at a swim meet?
    • Typically the age groups at a swim meet will be 8&U (stands for swimmers eight years old and younger), 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, and Open (any age).  Age groups allow for competition between swimmers of the same gender and same age.  A swimmers age is determined by how old they are on the first day of the meet.


  • What events will my child be swimming in?
    • Swimmers events are chosen by your swimmers coach.  You can see what events your swimmer is signed up for prior to the meet by logging into your website account and clicking ‘Edit Commitment’ or clicking ‘My Account’.  Storm Coaches will also send out a ‘Preliminary Entry Report’ about one week prior to the meet via email.  We ask that parents read over the report and note any errors promptly to their child’s coach.


  • What is a heat?  And what is a heat sheet?
    • A 'heat' is a race within an event.  For example the "9-10 50 Freestyle" may have 30 swimmers.  If the pool has 8 lanes in it, there will be one heat of 6 swimmers and three heats of 8 swimmers.
      A 'heat sheet' is the meet program which lists all Events, and shows swimmers which heat and lane the swimmer is going to be swimming in.  It is the responsibility of the swimmer and their parent to purchase or print (depending on the format) the heat sheet and have it with them at the swim meet.  The coaches are busy coaching and will not be able to tell swimmers what heat and lane they are in for all events.


  • What is a relay?  What types of relays are there?
    • A relay is composed of four swimmers per relay team.  There are two styles of relays recognized in USA Swimming.  Freestyle relay and Medley relay.  In the freestyle relay all swimmers will swim freestyle.  In the medley relay swimmers will go in the order of backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and then freestyle; one swimmer per stroke.


  • Why isn’t my child on a relay?
    • Relays are broken down by age groups so there are limitations on who can be on a relay.  An example might be the 'Girls 9-10 200 Freestyle Relay'.  If we only have three female swimmers aged 9 or 10 at the meet, then we cannot swim a relay.  If we have five, only four will be able to swim in the relay.  The coaches will generally enter the most competitive relay that they can into the competition.  This may vary in some meet formats.  All relay assignments are pending and can be changed right up until the start of the relay.  We will always announce relays at the end of warm-ups.
      The coach does not have to justify decisions pertaining to relay selection, order, or stroke being swum on the relay.  The coaches decision is the final word on relay selection.


  • If I notice my swimmer is swimming in the wrong lane, what should I do?
    • Chances are that your swimmer was instructed to swim in a different lane by an official for numerous reasons, such as a combination in heats, events, etc.  However, if you notice this happened just mark what heat and lane your swimmer did swim in.  Have them go tell their coach after the race and the coach and swimmer will discuss if it was correct or incorrect.  If incorrect, the coach will correct the mistake with the officials.


  • If my swimmer misses his/her event, what should I do?
    • If your swimmer misses and comes to you - not their coach - send them directly to the coach.  Officials will do their best to put them in an open lane later in the event, however it is not guaranteed as it was the swimmers mistake to miss their swim.


  • My child has missed practice all week, don’t the coaches know he/she will not be at the meet?
    • No.  If you cannot make the meet we expect that the parent will email their child's coach with as much notice as possible.  Coaches need to know who will be present to adjust relays accordingly as well as to know who to expect at warm-ups, etc.  Please do your best to inform your coaches!


  • What do DQ, DNF, NS, DFS, and NT mean?
    • Disqualification, Did not Finish, No Show, Declared False Start, No Time.


  • What are Storm's meet polices per group?
    • Novice - Meets are optional.
    • Age Group - One meet per month.  Area 1&4 Championships.
    • Advanced Age Group - One meet per month.   Highest level championship meet achieved.
    • Junior Group- Attend Target Meets.  Highest level championship meet achieved.  
    • Senior Group - Attend Target Meets.  Highest level championship meet achieved.
      • Senior/Junior Group excused from meet attendance during high school season.



IV. Coaches, Swimmers, Parents


  • Who are the coaches?
    • The coaching staff is comprised of the Head Coach and Assistant Coaches.  All coaches are certified coaches by USA Swimming and are members of the American Swimming Coaches Association.  More information on the coaches can be found on the team website under coaches.


  • How can I help the coach help my child?
    • Bring them to practice regularly, prepared, and on time (for age group and above swimmers this means they need to be on deck prior to the start of their given practice time).  Be supportive and positive and let them enjoy the sport.  Let the coaches do the coaching.


  • How can I best help the team?
    • Support your child by brining them to practice, preparing them for the meet, and cheering for them and the team at swim meets.  Sign up to bring hospitality items to our home swim meets.  Consider becoming a swim meet official as a stroke and turn judge, starter, or referee.  The officiating is volunteer based and it always helps to have more people trained to step in when others have scheduling conflicts.  Talk to other Storm officials in the steps it takes to get trained!