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T2 Aquatics Records:

T2 Aquatics SCY Team Records - Updated 5-30-18

T2 Aquatics LCM Team Records - Updated 3-8-18

T2 Aquatics Top 10 Lists:

T2 Aquatics SCY Top Ten List - Updated 5-30-18

T2 Aquatics LCM Top Ten List (Age Groups) - Updated 3-8-18

All T2 Team:

All T2 Team - Updated 10-1-17

T2 IMX Top 5 (14&Under):

T2 IMX Top 5 SCY - *Updated ages and scores through August 31, 2017

USA Swimming IMX Program

T2 Scholastic All-American Team:

T2 All Americans - Updated 10-1-18

USA Swimming Scholastic All-American Program

T2 Top 10 Nationally Ranked Athletes:

T2 Top 10 Nationally Ranked Athletes - Updated 8-30-16

T2 Florida High School Champion Athletes:

T2 Florida High School Champion Athletes - Updated 6-18

Florida Swimming Records:

Florida Swimming LSC Records

USA Swimming Virtual Club Championships

Click this link to go to the USA Swimming webpage and see the VCC Rankings:  Virtual Club Championships

T2 VCC Ranking History - Updated 10-1-17