Minimum requirements

Minimum standards for TBAY New Tampa Practice groups
all new swimmers must be assessed and approved by a coach before joining. 
Developmental-  must have the listening skills to behave in a group setting.  Must also be able to float independently on front and back, and be able to roll unassisted between the two
Junior TBAY-  must have the endurance to be able to swim a 25 of each stroke without losing form. Must be able to dive

  • To participate in any group above Junior TBAY, swimmers must be able to swim at least a 50 of all 4 strokes correctly and be able to dive and do a flip turn.  In addition, each group has an additional minimum requirement 
Bronze- 5x50 on 1:20 of correct freestyle, must also be able to do a 50 of each stroke correctly. 
Gold & Senior 1 at Hunters Green- 10x10 on 1:40 of correct freestyle, must also be able to do a 100 of each stroke correctly
  Consistent practice is the key to progress and development