Current Practice groups


Minimum standards must be met to be in each practice group.  Swimmers can not join a practice group or move up to the next level if they are not able to perform the minimum standards







Developmental  March through October

Our developmental group is our most basic ability group. This group combines small group instruction with in the water, hands on guidance for swimmers looking to develop their basic swimming techniques.  In this group swimmers will learn the four basic strokes as well as proper diving skills. This group is designed primarily for swimmers who are fairly confident in the water and understand water safety skills. Swimmers must be able to float on their stomach and back comfortably as well as have great listening skills. Ages 4 to 9.   EVENING DEVELOPMENTAL AT BOTH POOLS IS FULL FOR THE SUMMER SEASON 2018


This group is for novice swimmers who have learned the necessary developmental skills and are ready to move on to a more swim team like practice. This group is meant to teach drills and skills in order to set a great foundation for their future in the sport of swimming. Practice consists mostly of 25s with special attention to proper technique as well as dives and flip turns and will move at the pace of the overall group. This group will help build swimmers confidence in their strokes with the eventual goal of participation in swim meets. Age 6 to 10.


The Bronze Group is designed for swimmers who are interested in taking their first step in competitive swimming. The overall goal of the group is to have great technique during the entire course of a practice. Swimmers must have a good understanding of each stroke and understand that in order to succeed in this group, they must follow all instructions and participate in the entire practice. This group is split into two skill groups; one group for swimmers who are able to be independent and confident without in-the-water instructor participation and are able to swim at least 25 yards of each stroke; the other group is for stronger swimmers who are able to understand large group instruction and who can swim multiple laps of each stroke comfortably and confidently.  Ages  6 to 13

3 practices a week and one swim meet a month required for this group


The Silver Group is designed for elementary and middle school swimmers. Swimmers in this group must have an advanced knowledge of all four of the competitive strokes as well as individual drive and desire to participate in practice and better themselves in the sport of swimming. Practices in this group will build on the ongoing teachings of stroke technique through a more advanced training schedule. Swimmers must have skill level and endurance to participate in this group and have the goal to achieve performance standard times set forth by USA Swimming. Ages 7-13.

3 practices a week and one swim meet a month required for this group


The Gold Group is designed for middle school and advanced elementary school swimmers who have made a large commitment to the sport of swimming. Swimmers in this group understand that in order to be successful in this group, they will have to balance practice, academic, and family responsibility. Swimmers must have a sophisticated understanding of all strokes and must have Championship behavior on and off the pool deck. The focus of this group is to maintain great technique and racing strategies throughout an advanced training season with the hope of achieving performance time standards set forth by USA Swimming. Ages 8-13

4 practices a week and one swim meet a month required for this group 

Senior 1

This group is a stepping stone to the Senior 2 group. Swimmers in this group are exposed to a higher level competitive atmosphere in order to achieve their technical and physical goals needed to enhance their competitive swimming experience. Swimmers must have a near perfect understanding of all four strokes and able to maintain their technique through a vigorous practice and training schedule. In this group, higher training volumes will be used in order to train the aerobic and anaerobic systems, so swimmers must have an advanced skill level and endurance to participate in this group.    

Ages 12 to 18.  5 practices a week and one swim meet a month required for this group

Senior 2

The Senior 2 Group is designed for swimmers who compete on the state and national level and who have an interest in the highly competitive world of swimming.  Swimmers in this group can handle the intensity of a well organized and purposeful swim practice.  Swimmers in this group must show maturity inside and outside of the pool and understand the dedication and discipline required to train at this level.

Ages 12 to 18.  Minimum 6 practices a week and one swim meet a month required for this group