Practice Groups

HYBRID (HB): This group is designed to prepare advanced T.B.A.C. Jr. Bolt Gold swimmers, that are not ready for Age Group (AG) on a full-time basis. Hybrid swimmers still have technical improvements and efficiencies to master. Exposure to the expectations and standards of T.B.A.C.'s full-time competitive team begin for Hybrid swimmers. 

AGE GROUP (AG): The main focus of this group is improving stroke technique and efficiency while introducing athletes to Season planning, progressive dryland movements and racing strategy. Age Group swimmers will learn Championship Behavior and exemplify it at practices and swim meets to all teammates and coaches. These swimmers will focus on achieving Florida Age Group Championship Time Standards(FLAGS).

ELITE AGE GROUP (EAG): These swimmers have made the commitment to the sport of swimming and are progressing towards the National track. This group is proficient in training methodology, they understand and execute proper race strategies, and exemplify Championship Behavior. The goals of this group includes: FLAG Finalists and Champions, and Sectional qualifying time standards. 

SENIOR 2 (S2): The Senior 2 group is for those 13 & older swimmers who are still developing the skills necessary to improve through the sport of swimming. Stroke technique and efficiency is a major focus as well as introducing them on how to train "smarter" not just harder. Qualifying for Senior Championships and Sectionals are common goals for this group.

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SENIOR 1 (S1): The Senior 1 group is for the High School age athlete whose focus is on qualifying for the FHSAA State meet during the Fall Season, NCSA Junior Nationals and Sectional Championships.  Improving technical gains, strength gains, while gaining exposure to season planning and improving race plan execution are all major focuses for this group.

NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (ND): This group is the first step in making the transition from being a great age group swimmer to a National level athlete. This group helps our athletes understand and develop the training habits and strategies needed to succeed after a successful Age Group career. Stroke efficiency and developing new skill sets is a major emphasis with this group as well as gaining experience at high-level meets throughout the year. Qualifying for NCSA and USA Junior Nationals is a major emphasis with this group of dedicated athletes.

NATIONAL GROUP (NG): The National Group is the most advanced group of the Tampa Bay Aquatic Club(T.B.A.C.) program. These "qualified" student-athletes exemplify Championship Behavior both in and out of the pool and are ambassadors for our sport. The National program is designed to give our athletes every opportunity and experience possible to achieve their full potential as they develop through the sport. Each of these swimmers are taught and will understand our training system and philosophy, race strategies, mental preparation techniques, nutritional plans, appropriate dryland exercises, and most importantly develop the life skills that make our sport the best in the world. The common goals of this group include: Junior and Senior National qualifying times, Olympic Trial qualifying time standards, US Junior National Team member, USA Scholastic All-American, and receiving a scholarship to become a collegiate student-athlete. All T.B.A.C.National team members will receive assistance with their recruiting process if desired.